The Pines Beach

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Pines Beach after the 2010 Canterbury earthquake

The Pines Beach is a small village situated roughly 4 km east of Kaiapoi in the Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand. It is 1 km north of the mouth of the Waimakariri River. It takes its name from its close proximity to both a pine forest and the beach.

The Pines Beach is a relatively small town. The majority of the area consists of residential housing and a park called "The Pines Beach Oval". The village store was demolished after the September 2010 Canterbury earthquake, along with a considerable number of the houses in the village. Empty green spaces upon entering the village from Beach Road is all that remains of these earlier parts of the settlement.

The Oval is a small section of land in the centre of the town. It is in the shape of an oval and has a playground, basketball court, swings, a skate park and a BMX track. An annual gala is held on the Oval.


Coordinates: 43°22′48″S 172°42′06″E / 43.3800°S 172.7016°E / -43.3800; 172.7016