The Piranha

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The Piranha
Trinity College Dublin
A Political, Literary and General News-Paper
The masthead of The Piranha
Typesatirical student newspaper
HeadquartersHouse 6
Trinity College
Dublin 2, Ireland[2]

The Piranha is the official satirical newspaper of Trinity College Dublin.[3] Formerly known as Piranha! magazine, it was rebranded in 2009. It is a member of Trinity Publications and is written entirely by students of the university.[3] The first edition claimed that it was established in 1863,[2] but official college records state that the publication was founded in 1978.[1]


Since 2010, The Piranha has been printed in Berliner format. It was previously a magazine. The newspaper is produced solely by students of the University under the direction of a student editor. The publication typically releases five issues each year including an "Election Special" where they parody candidates in Student Union Elections. Free copies of each edition are distributed around campus. Similar to other student publications in Trinity College, The Piranha is funded by a grant from the Trinity Publications Committee and supplements this with advertising revenue.

List of Editors[edit]

Year Name
1978-79 Antony Sellers (Founding Editor)[4]
1979-80 Rory Montgomery, Sch.
1980-81 Unknown
1981-82 Alan Gilsenan
1982-83 Fiachra O Marcaigh
1983-84 Alan Gilsenan
1984-85 Johana Dunlop & Quentin Letts
1985-86 Michael O'Doherty
1986-87 John Maher
1987-88 Lorcan de Brun
1988-89 Vincent Piat-Kelly
1989-90 Fergus Lynch
1990-91 Nick Webb
1991-92 Unknown
1992-93 Dominique Keegan
1993-94 Unknown
1994-95 David Coffey
1995-96 Kieran Curtin
1996-97 Unknown
1997-98 Hugh Ormond
1998-99 John Byrne
1999-2000 Unknown
2000-01 Robbie Gunning, Conor Feeney & Johnny Ilan
2001-02 Unknown
2002-03 Caroline Blackman
2003-04 Niall Walsh
2004-05 Ed Williams
2005-06 Dennis Brock & Paddy Cosgrave
2006-07 Arthur Leclaire
2007-08 Unknown
2008-09 Andrew Booth
2009-10 Jonathan Wyse, Sch.
2010-11 John Engle
2011-12 Ricky McCormack
2012-13 David Byrne
2013-14 Dónal McKeating & Cormac Shine, Sch.
2014-15 Hugh Guidera, Sch.
2015-16 Anna Sheehan
2016-17 Hannah Beresford
2017-18 Tom Cantillon & Manus Dennison

Other former writers include comedians Pauline McLynn, Mario Rosenstock, and David O'Doherty, and airline executive Peter Bellew.


In 2010, The Piranha was nominated for the People's Choice Award in the National Student Media Awards.[5]


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