The Pirates of Central Park

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The Pirates of Central Park
Directed by Robert Farber
Produced by Adam M. Stone
Michele Wilson (producer)
Michelle Wilson (associate producer)
Written by Daniel Weitzman (screenplay)
Starring Adam Lamberg
Joseph Dandry
Patrick Duffy
Michele Harris
Jesse McCartney
Sasha Neulinger
Music by Gary Schreiner
Cinematography Peter Fernberger
Edited by Ed Helms
Distributed by Stone Entertainment
Release date
  • January 1, 2001 (2001-01-01)
Country United States
Language English

The Pirates of Central Park is a 2001 American family adventure film. The film stars Adam Lamberg, singer and actor Jesse McCartney, Patrick Duffy and Michelle Harris. It was released to cinemas on January 1, 2001.


The Pirates of Central Park is an epic adventure that follows the character Mike Bromback (Adam Lamberg) on his quest of self-discovery. The quest starts off with Mike reading about Pirates in the library. Soon Simon Baskin (Jesse McCartney) will convince him to take it one step further and become a Pirate. Simon one day will meet Mike in Central Park with his friend Chas (Patrick Duffy) or Charles to Mike. They discuss some technical stuff and agree to meet the next Saturday. Chas brings with him the next time they meet a toy ship with torpedoes. They look for the perfect model ship to sink in the pond. They find Captain Fatty (Joseph Dandry) and Gogher Boy, (Sasha Neulinger) or at least that's what they call them and decide to sink their ship. Each Saturday Captain Fatty and Gopher Boy bring a new ship and the gang will keep sinking them until Captain Fatty and his son find out that it was Simon, Mike, and Chas who have been sinking his ship and thus Captain Fatty and Gopher Boy sink Simon's, Mike's, and Chas's ship.



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