The Place Where the Black Stars Hang

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The Place Where the Stars Hang
Studio album by Lustmord
Released 1994
Genre Dark ambient
Length 75:48 (Original) 75:51 (Reissue)
Label Soleilmoon Recordings
Lustmord chronology
Crash Injury Trauma (as Isolrubin BK)
The Place Where the Stars Hang
Trans Plutonian Transmissions (as Arecibo)

The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (1994) is the fourth album by British ambient musician Lustmord.

Track listing[edit]

Original Track Listing[edit]

All music composed by Lustmord.

No. Title Length
1. "Sol Om On/Aldebaran of the Hyades/Dark Companion/Metastatic Resonance/Dog Star Descends" 75:48

Reissue Track Listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Sol Om On" 3:48
2. "Aldebaran of The Hyades" 24:57
3. "Dark Companion" 14:44
4. "Metastatic Response" 25:32
5. "Dog Star Descends" 6:50


  • On some versions, Aldebaran is misspelled as "Aldebran."
  • The reissue is split up into five tracks, one for each of the sections.