The Platinum Collection (D:Ream album)

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The Platinum Collection
Greatest hits album by D:Ream
Released 24 July 2006
Recorded 1992 - 1995
Genre Electronic, pop rock, synthpop, dance
Label WEA
Producer D:Ream
& Tom Frederikse
for Pumphouse Songs Inc. & FXU
D:Ream chronology
The Best of D:Ream
The Platinum Collection
In Memory Of...

The Platinum Collection is a compilation album by British pop / dance act D:Ream. The album was released without the band's permission, in July 2006, by WEA, for the famous series of the same name, gathering a lot of groups and artists in its vast catalogue. The only collection officially acknowledged by the group members Peter Cunnah and Al Mackenzie is The Best of D:Ream, which was issued in 1997, by Magnet Records label, distributed by Warner Music.

The Platinum Collection featured two remixes: "U R the Best Thing" (Perfecto Radio Mix) and "Take Me Away" (Brothers in Rhythm Radio Edit), which were originally only available on the single releases of the songs, respectively performed by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne and Brothers in Rhythm. The rest of the album more or less reproposes the same track listing as the band's first greatest hits collection, consisting of all the singles from their two albums, D:Ream On Volume 1, and World, plus two album tracks from each: "Glorious" and "So Long Movin' On" from the former, and "Hold Me Now" and "Heart of Gold" from the latter. The former were not included within the latter.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Things Can Only Get Better"
  2. "Take Me Away"
  3. "U R the Best Thing"
  4. "Shoot Me with Your Love"
  5. "Unforgiven"
  6. "I Like It"
  7. "Party Up the World"
  8. "Blame It On Me"
  9. "Hold Me Now"
  10. "Star"
  11. "Heart of Gold"
  12. "Picture My World"
  13. "Glorious"
  14. "So Long Movin' On"
  15. "The Power (Of All the Love in the World)" (featuring T.J. Davis)
  16. "U R the Best Thing" (Perfecto Radio Mix)
  17. "Take Me Away" (Brothers in Rhythm Radio Edit)


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