The Platinum Collection (Deep Purple album)

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The Platinum Collection
Deep Purple Platinum Collection.jpg
Greatest hits album by Deep Purple
Released 21 March 2005
Recorded 1968–2003
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, psychedelic rock
Length 214:11
Label EMI
Deep Purple compilations chronology
The Early Years
(2004)The Early Years2004
The Platinum Collection
1420 Beachwood Drive
(2006)1420 Beachwood Drive2006
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

The Platinum Collection is a compilation album released by English rock group Deep Purple. It features songs from their very first album Shades of Deep Purple up to their (at the time) most recent album Bananas.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ian Paice, except where noted.

Disc one[edit]

No. Title Place of Origin Length
1. "Hush" (Joe South) Shades of Deep Purple, 1968 4:26
2. "Mandrake Root" (Rod Evans, Blackmore, Lord) Shades of Deep Purple 6:11
3. "Hey Joe" (Billy Roberts) Shades of Deep Purple 7:27
4. "Kentucky Woman" (Neil Diamond) The Book of Taliesyn, 1968 4:42
5. "Wring That Neck" (Blackmore, Nick Simper, Lord, Paice) The Book of Taliesyn 5:12
6. "Shield" (Evans, Blackmore, Lord) The Book of Taliesyn 6:03
7. "Bird Has Flown" (Evans, Blackmore, Lord) Deep Purple, 1969 2:53
8. "Emmaretta" (Evans, Blackmore, Lord) B-side of the "Bird Has Flown" single, 1969 3:07
9. "Hallelujah" (Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway) Non-album single, 1969 3:41
10. "Black Night" (Single version) Non-album single, 1970 3:27
11. "Speed King" Deep Purple in Rock, 1970 5:51
12. "Flight of the Rat" Deep Purple in Rock 7:52
13. "Child in Time" Deep Purple in Rock 10:20

Disc two[edit]

No. Title Place of Origin Length
1. "Fireball" Fireball, 1971 3:24
2. "Strange Kind of Woman" Fireball (U.S. version) 3:51
3. "Demon's Eye" Fireball 5:20
4. "No One Came" (1996 remix) Fireball 6:24
5. "Highway Star" (1997 remix) Machine Head, 1972 6:29
6. "Smoke on the Water" Machine Head 5:41
7. "When a Blind Man Cries" (1997 remix) B-side of the "Never Before" single, 1972 3:30
8. "Space Truckin'" (1997 remix) Machine Head 4:56
9. "Lazy" (Live) Made in Japan, 1972/1973; originally from Machine Head 10:33
10. "Never Before" (Live) Deep Purple in Concert, 1980/1982; originally from Machine Head 3:57
11. "Woman from Tokyo" Who Do We Think We Are, 1973 5:49
12. "Smooth Dancer" Who Do We Think We Are 4:09
13. "Mary Long" Who Do We Think We Are 4:24
14. "Burn" (Single edit; David Coverdale, Blackmore, Lord, Paice) Burn, 1974 4:33

Disc three[edit]

No. Title Place of Origin Length
1. "Might Just Take Your Life" (Coverdale, Blackmore, Lord, Paice) Burn 4:38
2. "Coronarias Redig" (Blackmore, Lord, Paice) B-side of the "Burn" single, 1974 4:53
3. "Stormbringer" (Coverdale, Blackmore) Stormbringer, 1974 4:05
4. "Hold On" (Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Lord, Paice) Stormbringer 5:05
5. "Soldier of Fortune" (Coverdale, Blackmore) Stormbringer 3:14
6. "Mistreated (interpolating "Rock Me Baby")" (Live; Coverdale, Blackmore, Joe Joesa, B.B. King) Made in Europe, 1976; originally from Burn 11:35
7. "You Keep on Moving" (Coverdale, Hughes) Come Taste the Band, 1975 5:18
8. "Love Child" (Coverdale, Tommy Bolin) Come Taste the Band 3:05
9. "Drifter" (Coverdale, Bolin) Come Taste the Band 4:00
10. "Perfect Strangers" (Live; Blackmore, Gillan, Glover) Nobody's Perfect, 1988; originally from Perfect Strangers, 1984 6:23
11. "Vavoom: Ted the Mechanic" (Live; Gillan, Steve Morse, Roger Glover, Lord, Paice) In Concert with The London Symphony Orchestra, 2000; originally from Purpendicular, 1996 4:33
12. "Any Fule Kno That" (Gillan, Morse, Glover, Lord, Paice) Abandon, 1998 4:28
13. "Bludsucker" (1998 version of "Bloodsucker" (from Deep Purple in Rock)) Abandon 4:27
14. "Sun Goes Down" (Gillan, Morse, Glover, Don Airey, Paice) Bananas, 2003 4:15


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