The Plumm

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The Plumm
Address 246 West 14th Street
Location New York City
Coordinates 40°44′22″N 74°00′07″W / 40.73946°N 74.00184°W / 40.73946; -74.00184Coordinates: 40°44′22″N 74°00′07″W / 40.73946°N 74.00184°W / 40.73946; -74.00184
Type nightclub
Opened April 28, 2006 (2006-04-28)
Closed April 23, 2009 (2009-04-23)

The Plumm was a nightclub that opened on April 28, 2006 near the Meatpacking District of Manhattan.[1][2][3] It was co-owned by Noel Ashman, Chris Noth, Samantha Ronson, Joey McIntyre, Damon Dash, Jesse Bradford, Simon Rex, and Rodney Afshari among others.[1][3]

The Plumm occupied the space that previously housed popular clubs such as Nell's and NA, which was named for Noel Ashman.[2][3] The club was considered "semi private". Select people were invited to join the club for a fee and they were given what the club described as "membership key chains". Entrance for non-club members was at the discretion of door staff.[2]

Axl Rose and Tommy Hilfiger got into a physical fight at the club.[4][5] Guest DJs at the club included Lindsay Lohan, Agyness Deyn, and Joel Madden.[6] The club closed in 2009.


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