The Pointless Book

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The Pointless Book
The Pointless Book.jpg
AuthorAlfie Deyes
CountryUnited Kingdom
SubjectActivity book
PublisherBlink Publishing
Publication date
Media typePrint

The Pointless Book is a 2014 activity book by British vlogger, YouTuber and presenter Alfie Deyes.


Deyes runs a number of popular YouTube channels. The book contains 'pointless tasks' such as baking a cake of mud or creating a time capsule and contains interactive features.[1]


The book sold 30,000 copies in its first two weeks,[2] and was top of The Times of London Bestseller list[3] and a bestseller overall for 2014.[4] The book was praised for its range of activities by fellow YouTubers, however similarities with Wreck This Journal were noted[5] and was reviewed in The Guardian.[6]

A signing at a bookstore in Piccadilly Circus in London was attended by 8,000 'screaming fans' and resulted in road closures and police helicopters being used,[7] forcing Deyes to reschedule another event at ExCeL London[8] while more than 1000 attended a signing in Birmingham.[9]


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