The Polish Ambassador

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The Polish Ambassador
The Polish Ambassador 2131875.jpg
Live Show 3/19/2010 @ Rickshaw Stop SF
Background information
Origin Oakland, CA
Genres Electronic, electropop
Years active 2005–present
Members David Sugalski
alt text
David Sugalski as "The Polish Ambassador" at a live show held in Rotture, Portland.

The Polish Ambassador, real name David Sugalski, is an American electronic musician and disc jockey from Oakland, California.[1] Sugalski began tinkering with music production while earning a Marketing degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2006 he released his first album, Diplomatic Immunity, a collection of 8- and 16-bit funk / electro anthems, which gained a surprising amount of fan support. After he released two more albums, he attracted the attention of a Microsoft-funded video game developer. The developer hired Sugalski to do the soundtrack for a game, which allowed him to focus on music full-time.[2]

Sugalski regularly tours the United States performing solo and with other electronic music contemporaries.[3] Sugalski is a multi genre musician, producing styles including electro, breaks, hip-hop, dub, funk, chiptune, and glitchy IDM.[4] Sugalski uses live sound mixing, using computers and midi instruments to produce album tracks differently at every live performance.[5]

For most Polish Ambassador shows, Sugalski wears a neon-colored jumpsuit (neon white, Yellow, and blue as his main colors of interest. Yellow being the main color behind the fan influenced design.)[6] that he purchased in a Chicago thrift store for $3.99.[7] He uses Ableton Live and Sonar to produce his music. He is signed to Jumpsuit Records.

Permaculture Action Tour[edit]

Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour was a successfully crowdfunded tour that started on September 30, 2014, and ended on Nov. 8th, 2014. The tour traveled across the United States with a stated goal of seeing "to inspire and empower people with the tools and know how of co-creating a sustainable and regenerative world."[8] A crowd-funded campaign was set up two months prior to the tour on Indiegogo, where the financial goal was surpassed.[1] Sugalski says that the goal of the project is to merge sustainability and celebration. To do this, The Polish Ambassador and his crew of musicians, permaculture experts, and dedicated fans gathered at a venue on the night of each tour date for a TPA performance. The fans were then invited to join the TPA crew at a local site for the "action day," which generally took place the day after the show. There, they indulged in hands-on work promoting environmental awareness and eco-friendly behaviors. Examples of some of these projects include expanding community gardens, creating rainwater catchment systems, and building solar ovens. The tour had 31 shows and 26 action days.

Side Projects[edit]

In addition to The Polish Ambassador project, Sugalski performs as one half of the musical act, Wildlight, along with Ayla Nereo. Wildlight borrows from TPA's upbeat stylings and infectious rhythms while adding a more tribal / 'twilight' feeling. Nereo performs vocals during live performances.

Sugalski also previously performed as Ample Mammal, a musical side project of The Polish Ambassador. As The Polish Ambassador, Sugalski produces upbeat electronic dance music with layered melodies; under his Ample Mammal pseudonym he uses fewer layered melodies, instead using heavily processed drum tracks. Sugalski wanted to distinguish between the two personae in order to produce two differing styles of music.[5]


As The Polish Ambassador[edit]

  • Diplomatic Immunity was released in 2006 on compact disc format.
  • The Phantasmal Farm, was released as a digital download in 2007.[9]
  • I Found Him Now I Must Kill Him was released in 2008.
  • First Words was released in October 2010.[10]
  • Homeboys in Outerspace: Episode I was released in 2011
  • Future, Sex, Computers was released in April 2011
  • Future, Sex, Computers (Remixes & B-Sides) was released in September 2011
  • Homeboys in Outerspace: Episode II was released March 6, 2012
  • Superpowers was released August 2012
  • Ecozoic was released March 2013
  • Polish Ambassador Text Tones was released in April 2013
  • Pushing Through The Pavement was released in June 2014
  • Terra Bella was released in July 2015
  • Dreaming of an Old Tomorrow was released in April 2016
  • Color Of Flight was released in March 2017 [11]

As Ample Mammal[edit]

  • Mating Season was released June 1, 2010

With Wildlight[edit]

  • Hers Was As Thunder was released July 16, 2013
  • The Tide was released in September 2015

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