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The Pondus Penguin refers to a character in a Danish children's book, Pondus the Penguin, written and illustrated by Ivar Myrhøj in 1966. The figure is recognized by the red scarf it wears around its neck. Myrhøj published a total of four books about Pondus the Penguin, all issued between 1966 and 1969.[1] Pondus also serves as a mascot for Denmark's largest bank, Danske Bank, where Pondus-shaped piggy banks have been given to children since 1967.[2]

Myrhøj's inspiration for Pondus was a king penguin living in the Copenhagen Zoo. Two bronze statues of Pondus exist in Denmark, one in Copenhagen Zoo, and one on the pedestrian street in Fredericia.[3]

The Pondus penguin mascot featured on several Canadian messenger bags around 2005. The bags can still be found in Canadian dollar stores and bargain bins.

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