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The Post
OU Baker Center Exterior.JPG
John Calhoun Baker University Center, where the paper's newsroom is located
Type Daily online, weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Editor Elizabeth Backo[1]
Founded 1912 (as The Green and White)
Headquarters John Calhoun Baker University Center
1 Park Place, #325
Athens, Ohio
United States
Circulation 10,000 weekly

The Post is a student-run newspaper in Athens, Ohio, that covers Ohio University and Athens County. While classes at OU are in session, it publishes online every day and in print every Thursday.[2] Though its newsroom is located in John Calhoun Baker University Center at Ohio University, the paper is editorially independent from the university.


The Post was launched in 1912 as The Green and White.[citation needed]

In 2015, the paper announced it would be moving to a digital-first model. This transition lowered the number of days The Post prints from five times a week to one, though content is published online daily. The paper, previously a broadsheet, was changed to a tabloid. As part of the transition, the paper underwent a redesign and rebranding, including a new logo.[2]

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