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The Prep Pigskin Report
Official Logo of The Prep Pigskin Report
Genre Sports (High School Football)
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 17
No. of episodes 253
  • Paul Rudy (1999-present)[1]
  • Rick Willis (2010-present)[2]
  • Brian Birk
Location(s) San Diego
Running time 65 Minutes
Original network KUSI-TV
Original release September 4, 1998 – present

The Prep Pigskin Report is an American high school football television show created by Paul Rudy and McKinnon Broadcasting. The show first appeared on September 4, 1998, on the independent TV station KUSI-TV in San Diego.

Every Friday night, the show's creator, Paul Rudy, sends his team of Field Producers & Videographers to anywhere between 35 to 40 high school football games throughout San Diego County. The highlights from each game are then edited and aired during the 65-minute live program.

The PPR began its 17th season on August 28, 2015.


The Prep Pigskin Report has won seven times out of the 14 nominations for the Best Sports Program Emmy in the Pacific Southwest region. Winning years include 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2010 and 2011. In addition to the five to seven pre-produced features, the PPR regularly shows highlights from as many as 40 games played in San Diego County.

Current on-air talent for the PPR[edit]

Paul Rudy:
As the leader of Prep Pigskin Report, Rudy has expanded the team of enthusiasts from three to more than 75 passionate "pigs" who cover the entire San Diego region's high school football games.

Rudy graduated from St. Norbert College in 1982 and worked as a professional tennis instructor until he was given a job as an overnight news photographer with WKOW-TV in Madison, Wisconsin. He eventually made his way into the sports department in what was, as he puts it, "the demotion of a lifetime!" That demotion has spurred a 3 decade sports career that has produced award-winning programming at TV stations in 3 different time zones.

Rudy considers the PPR his signature achievement to date. "The Prep Pigskin Report is my Sgt. Pepper. Unless you count the 6-and-5 season my senior year at Madison Edgewood High."

Rick Willis:
Willis is the Pigskin correspondent in North County. He covers the North County Game of the Week and also produces the Prep Pigskin Report.

Before television, Willis worked as a bus boy, dishwasher, server, valet parking attendant, substitute teacher, oil field worker, landscaper, chef, gas station attendant and construction worker. After graduation, he had an internship with KUSI in the news department. After only two weeks he was interviewed for a "sudden" opening in the KUSI sports department and was given the job.

Willis worked for two years as an associate producer for the Prep Pigskin Report before becoming the sports director of KIEM-TV in Eureka, California. Thirteen months later a sports position opened at KUSI and Willis returned home.

Willis graduated from San Dieguito High School in Encinitas (now San Dieguito Academy) and went on to earn a journalism degree from San Diego State. He was one of the "Original Pigs" and was made producer for the PPR in 2010. Two Emmys later, he considers it one of the best professional moments of his life.

John Soderman:
Soderman is the South Bay Game of the Week correspondent.

After service in the United States Marine Corps, Soderman was a police officer for the Tustin P.D. for three years. He was also involved in sports from early on. His career culminated as a pitcher in minor league baseball for the Oakland Athletics and the California Angels. He once gave up a homerun to then 17-year-old former Padres star, Tony Gwynn. "I was horrible," says Soderman. "I threw three pitches…a double, a triple and a homerun."”

He has worked in eight different markets including Los Angeles and San Diego. Soderman’s passion for the PPR stems from what it means for the community and players he covers each week. "In my humble opinion," says Soderman, "the PPR, created by Paul Rudy, is hands down the best high school football show in the country!"

In his spare time, he plays drums for the local Motown band The Corvelles. He has been with the group for nine years and has performed at the Silver Pigskin Gala in the past.

Brandon Stone:
Stone has dual roles for the PPR: City Game of the Week and the Student Athlete Spotlight. From coffee fetcher to associate to a role in the inner circle, he now has a permanent position with KUSI as an anchor and reporter.

When Stone was in the 8th grade, he was driving to school with his father when he decided he would not only be a journalist, but he would go to SDSU and have a broadcasting career in San Diego.

Stone earned a BA in journalism at SDSU with a minor in religious studies in 2008. He applied to KUSI after his news-writing professor announced to the class that there was an opening with Rudy at KUSI as an intern. "I didn't even wait for class to finish," Stone says. "I think the professor made the announcement at 8:03 and I had signed up by 8:10."

Stephanie Kelly:
Kelly attended Poway High School and then the University of San Diego High School (now Cathedral Catholic). Her education continued at the University of San Diego, where in 2003 she earned a BA in Communication Studies.

Stephanie's broadcasting career began with an internship in the KUSI Sports Department during her final year of college. "After two semesters of interning I joined the PPR for my first season. I knew immediately this was a show that I wanted to be a part of for as long as possible." She is extremely thankful to her PPR family (particularly her mentors, Paul and Rick), as well as her East County Schools, players and their families for over a decade of memorable Friday nights under the lights.

Allie Wagner:
Entering her sixth season on the show,[when?] Wagner is looking forward to her new role as the host of Alarm Clock Pep Rally on Friday mornings and the social media correspondent.

Wagner knew she wanted to have a career in sports broadcasting from the age of nine. "I would watch Monday Night Football and just know that I needed to be involved in sports broadcasting," she said. After Wagner graduated from Ramona High School, she pursued a journalism degree at San Diego State.

Her first job working in radio was for XTRA Sports 1360/KOGO before she moved to work with the PPR as a field producer. Working her way up the ladder, Wagner has been producing and reporting on sports for KUSI full-time for the past two years.[when?]

Wagner enjoys covering high school football because the game played in this format is the game at its best. "It is football at its most basic, with people who are truly passionate about the game," says Wagner. "The PPR is a way to stay a child at heart being able to watch all the excitement that goes on with these kids and be right in the middle of it all."

Coach John Carroll:
Coach Carroll will host "Carroll's Corner", where every Friday night he will break down the style and technique that makes the top players in San Diego County successful.

Coach Carroll joined The PPR Team in 2015 after retiring as the Head Football Coach at Oceanside High School, a position he held for 26 years. During his time at OHS, Coach Carroll led The Pirates to 13 CIFSDS Division Championships as well as 2 CIF State Titles.

When asked how The PPR has played a role in the lives of high school athletes, Coach Carroll said the "The PPR is a BIG DEAL". "The show is watched and talked about by just about every varsity football player in the county." While at Oceanside, Coach Carroll's football program produced 2 Silver Pigskin Award Winners and 3 Silver Pigskin Award Finalists.

Coach says he is excited to be a part of The PPR because he, first & foremost, enjoys the show... second, he enjoys the people who work at The PPR... and third, because he loves the game of football.

Although Coach Carroll has stepped down from his coaching duties at Oceanside H.S., he still continues to teach full time at the school.

Matt Gilson:

Gilson's first encounter with the Prep Pigskin Report came as a loyal viewer, as he watched Paul try to pronounce the names of his West Hills High School classmates Naftalie Nahiwawa, Ryan Sevier, and Kamy Ahmadian. Matt joined the KUSI crew in the spring of 2009, during his final semester at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Affectionately referred to as "Intern #1," he somehow survived long enough to don the Red Jacket that fall.

After five years as a PPR-only pig, Matt stepped into the everyday lineup on the eve of the 2014 season. When he's not producing, reporting, or chairing the Play of the Week committee, you can usually find Matt with his dazzling wife, Jenna, and their little boy, Caleb.

Former on-air talent[edit]

  • Mike Castellucci: former host of the Alarm Clock Pep Rally (2009-2012).
  • DeJuan Hoggard: former co-host of PPR Plus.
  • Jake Fadden: former co-host of PPR Plus.
  • Kerri Sargent-Lane: former reporter for the City Game of the Week (2009–10) and the Student Athlete (2008–09). She is currently[when?] a traffic reporter for Good Morning San Diego on KUSI-TV.
  • Lucia Stone: former reporter for the Student Athlete Spotlight (2006-2007). She currently[when?] works in community relations at San Diego Gas & Electric.
  • Steve Quis: former reporter for the North County Game of the Week (2000-2005). He is currently[when?] a Los Angeles radio broadcaster and high school play-by-play announcer.
  • Charles Dimry: former reporter for the City Game of the Week (2004–05). He is currently[when?] the owner of Velocity Sports Performance.
  • Lena Lewis: former reporter for the City Game of the Week (2003-2005) and the Student Athlete (2003). She is the former director of communications for the Bob Filner for Mayor campaign.
  • Doug Curlee: former reporter for the East County Game of the Week (2000–02). He is currently[when?] retired and living in east San Diego County.
  • Rod Mackey: former reporter for the North County Game of the Week (1999-2000). He is currently[when?] the sports anchor and Denver Broncos reporter at KUSA-TV in Denver, Colorado.
  • Kevin Kelly: former reporter for the East County Game of the Week (1999-2000). He is currently[when?] the main anchor for the 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm FOX 16 News in Little Rock, Arkansas.

PPR show elements[edit]

Play of the Week: The best plays from the previous week of the PPR are reviewed and nominated for the Play of the Week. Viewers watch the top plays again and vote for their favorite play on the Prep Pigskin Report's Facebook page. The winner is announced at the end of the following week’s PPR broadcast and awarded a "silk-cashmere" Play of the Week T-shirt.

Coach of the Week: Each week the San Diego Chargers and the PPR award a deserving head coach the prestigious Coach of the Week award. The recipient’s school is then awarded a $1,500 check before the next home game to contribute to its football program.

Game of the Week: During the PPR every week, the top matchups are featured as Games of the Week. The best overall match of the week is showcased as the San Diego County Toyota Dealers Game of the Week. The Game of the Week highlights have more airtime and the Paul Rudy narration.

North County Game of the Week: The top game in the North County is narrated by Rick Willis. Willis is live on the field after the game to deliver the rest of his North County highlights.

East County Game of the Week: The best action in the East County is narrated by Stephanie Kelly. She delivers the highlights live from the field.

South Bay Game of the Week: The premier match in the South Bay is highlighted by John Soderman. He broadcasts live from the field after the game.

City Game of the Week: The best game in the city is selected as the City Game of the Week and narrated in-studio by Brandon Stone.

Pigskin Idol: During each show, a high school student is named "Pigskin Idol" and gets a chance to sit in the hot seat and broadcast a featured game’s highlights. The student goes out to the game as a field producer and then writes and narrates highlights of that featured game during the PPR. The student sportscaster gets the full "red jacket" PPR experience.

Marching Scoreboard: During every PPR show, a school’s band, color and pageantry are featured on the broadcast. The scores of the games that night run in a ticker-style underneath the band’s performance.

Student Athlete Spotlight: Every week, Brandon Stone selects a deserving student-athlete and features them in the Student Athlete Spotlight. This outstanding student’s talents on and off the field are highlighted with an emphasis on their academic achievements.

Pig Poll: The PPR engages its fans to interact with the show via Facebook or Twitter through the Pig Poll. The PPR asks a question and the viewers responses are featured on-air during the PPR.

Sounds of the Game: Every week, the PPR puts a microphone on a prominent player for the entire game. The best of the night’s sights and sounds are blended together for an NFL films-style feature.

PPR Raw: The newest addition is the PPR Raw, which includes all of the highlights from each game that may or may not have made air. These extended highlights show the best of each game with no time restrictions. PPR Raw highlights from every game are posted to the PPR Facebook page and on the PPR page at

PPR Hogcasts: Every week, the PPR Team of Pigs scour the weekly schedule of games for interesting stories both on and off the field.

Inactive/former PPR segments[edit]

PPR Plus: Immediately following the over the air broadcast of the PPR, PPR Plus begins at The 30 minute internet show is hosted by Wagner and Fadden. The program includes more highlights, post-game reaction, big analysis and studio guests.

Chalk Talk: In each episode a coach was chosen to draw up their favorite play on a chalk board. The coach and his team then ran the play in practice in front of the PPR cameras to see exactly what made it successful.

Pigskin Unplugged: Each week the PPR cameras would be inside the pre-game locker room to hear what the head coach had to say to fire up his team.

Pop Warner Team of the Week: A local youth football team is highlighted by Wagner, who showcases their hard work and enthusiasm for football. Players are interviewed about their season and their love for the game.

PPR community[edit]

PPR loves interacting with players, fans and anyone who loves high school football. The PPR's social media is fun and informed community and the show likes to award its social media participants with on-air mentions, T-shirts and more. Follow along on the following sites:

The Silver Pigskin Award[edit]

Designed by Dutch Perry in 1998, the silver trophy with platinum in-lays took more than 100 man-hours to craft. The trophy weighs 35 pounds and is two feet tall.

Originally, the Silver Pigskin was awarded to the athlete involved in the "Best Play of the Season". However, as the Prep Pigskin Report has evolved, so has the Silver Pigskin. Today, it is awarded annually to San Diego County’s most outstanding football player.

Nomination process[edit]

The finalists are chosen by the Prep Pigskin Report Player of the Year Board of Trustees and by viewers of the PPR. Once the finalists are determined, ballots are mailed to every San Diego County high school head football coach, local sports media and every member of the PPR staff. Fans also have a role in determining the outcome through our online Facebook poll; their vote represents ten percent of the final vote. In 2010, the PPR received nearly 5,000 Facebook fan votes.

Since 2010, Facebook is also used to put the final name on the Silver Pigskin podium. In 2010, Rommel Cooper of Mar Vista became the first nominee by fan vote, defeating four other players. In 2011, Landon Lozoya made the podium above eight other nominees, spurred by a school wide voting initiative that made local news coverage. In 2012, the honor went to Chris Martin of Otay Ranch.

Silver Pigskin Gala[edit]

Every season the PPR holds a Gala to declare the Silver Pigskin winner and to reflect on the highs and lows of the season. The Gala was held at the KUSI studios in San Diego for the first six seasons of the program before moving to the San Diego Hall of Champions at Balboa Park in 2005.

Iron Hog[edit]

Starting in 2010, the Player of the Year committee also awards the Iron Hog to the best offensive or defensive lineman in the county. In 2013, Tiasamo Savusa of Madison was awarded the Iron Hog. In 2012, Scott Quessenberry of La Costa Canyo was honored. He is now[when?] playing for UCLA. In 2011, fellow Maverick Erik Magnusson won the award and is now[when?] playing at Michigan. In 2010, Sam Meredith of Helix won the award. Meredith is now[when?] at San Diego State.

Previous winners/finalists[edit]

2014 Recap
The 2014 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 16 at the San Diego Hall of Champions. Mission Hills cornerback/wide receiver De Chaun Holiday took home the Silver Pigskin.


  • De Chaun Holiday (Mission Hills High School)


  • Frank Buncom IV (St. Augustine High School)
  • Isaiah Capoocia (El Capitan High School)
  • Kareem Coles Jr. (Madison High School) *Fan Vote
  • Bulla Graft (The Bishop's School)
  • Quenton Meeks (Del Norte High School)

2013 Recap
The 2013 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 10 at the San Diego Hall of Champions. Royce Freeman defeated five other nominees to win the 15th Silver Pigskin, the first for Imperial.


  • Royce Freeman (Imperial High School)


  • Thai Cotrell (Oceanside High School)
  • Anthony Lawrence (Grossmont High School)
  • Isiah Olave (Eastlake High School)
  • Jajuan Thomas (San Pasqual High School) *Fan Vote
  • Fred Warner (Mission Hills High School)

2012 Recap
The 2012 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 11 at the San Diego Hall of Champions. Oceanside's Israel "Tofi" Paopao was the winner in one of the closest votes of all time.


  • Israel "Tofi" Paopao (Oceanside High School)


  • Derek Babiash (Poway High School)
  • Darren Carrington, Jr. (Horizon High School)
  • Pierre Cormier (Madison High School)
  • Chris Martin (Otay Ranch High School) *Fan Vote
  • Justin Williams (El Camino)

2011 Recap
The 2011 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 6 at the San Diego Hall of Champions. Helix High quarterback Brandon Lewis defeated four other nominees to win the Silver Pigskin, making Helix the first school with multiple Silver Pigskin winners.


  • Brandon Lewis (Helix High School)


  • Shawn Boose (Kearny High School)
  • Chase Knox (Madison High School)
  • Landon Lozoya (Santana High School) *fan vote
  • Taylor McNamara (Westview High School)

2010 Recap
The 2010 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 13 at the San Diego Hall of Champions. Vista cornerback/wide receiver Stefan McClure took home the Silver Pigskin.


  • Stefan McClure (Vista High School)


  • Travis Bernard (Valley Center High School)
  • Rommell Cooper (Mar Vista High School) *fan vote
  • Evan Crower (St. Augustine High School)
  • Diego Rodriguez (Montgomery High School)

2009 Recap
The 2009 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 15 at the San Diego Hall of Champions. In what was the most star-studded event in the Gala’s history, from broken records to college commitments, Mission Bay running back Dillon Baxter won the Silver Pigskin over five finalists, the first time six men have been on the stage.



2008 Recap
The 2008 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 19 at the San Diego Hall of Champions. Tyler Gaffney was the runaway winner in the 10th edition of the event.


  • Tyler Gaffney (Cathedral High School)


2007 Recap
The 2007 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 14 at the San Diego Hall Of Champions. Nelson Rosario became the first Silver Pigskin winner to not be in attendance, as he was on a recruiting trip in Los Angeles> He accepted his award via satellite.



2006 Recap
The 2006 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 5 at the San Diego Hall of Champions.



  • Darrell Catchings (Escondido High School)
  • Todd Doxey (Hoover High School)
  • Gino Gordon (Francis Parker High School)
  • Stanley Paul (La Costa Canyon High School)

2005 Recap
The 2005 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 8 at the San Diego Hall of Champions.


  • Abraham Muheize (El Cajon Valley High School)


2004 Recap
The 2004 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 10 at the KUSI studios.


  • Jake Fadden (Hilltop High School)


  • Jason Forcier (St. Augustine High School)
  • Darrick Jackson (Escondido High School)
  • Clayton Tunney (La Costa Canyon High School)
  • Jon Toledo (La Costa Canyon High School)

2003 Recap
The 2003 Silver Pigskin Gala was held in December at the KUSI studios.


  • Patrick Gates (Marian Catholic High School)


2002 Recap
The 2002 Silver Pigskin Gala was held on December 14 at the KUSI studios.



2001 Recap
The 2001 Silver Pigskin Gala was held in December at the KUSI studios.


  • Reggie Bush (Helix High School)


  • Freddy Dunkle (Castle Park High School)
  • Naftalie Nahiwawa (West Hills High School)
  • Aaron Singh (Carlsbad High School)

2000 Recap
The 2000 Silver Pigskin Gala was held in December at the KUSI studios.


  • Ryan Gonzalez (St. Augustine High School)


  • Ja Ja Riley (Mission Bay High School)
  • Damaja Jones (Helix High School)
  • Trandon Harvey (Sweetwater High School)

1999 Recap
The inaugural 1999 Silver Pigskin Gala was held in December at the KUSI studios.


  • Patrick Konen (Patrick Henry High School)


  • Vernon Smith (Mission Bay High School)
  • Josh Sierra (Grossmont High School)


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