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The Pressure Pak Show was an Australian television game show. It aired from 1957 to 1958 on the ATN-7 in Sydney and GTV-9 in Melbourne. It was hosted by Jack Davey, who also hosted The Dulux Show and Give it a Go.

The program was a simulcast of a long-running Jack Davey radio programs, broadcast on the Macquarie Radio Network.


According to the National Film and Sound Archive website, it was a guessing game in which the panel and contestants had to determine what phrase the host had picked, within a certain amount of time.[1] According to records of existing episodes, phrases ranged from simple (such as A Worm and Rock Around the Clock) to unusual/humorous (such as A Pygmy On Mt Lofty and Australia's 7th Best Dressed Man)

Episode status[edit]

At least 10 episodes are held by National Film and Sound Archive, along with episodes of a radio version.[2] At least one of the surviving television episodes features Jim Russell as one of the panelists[3]


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