The Prevaricators

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The Prevaricators were a hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia. They released several records in the mid 1980s and developed a loyal following in the Richmond punk scene. Their lineup included Steve Hunter singing, David Stover on guitars, Hal Imburg on drums, Alford Faulknier on bass, and Zip Irvin playing the saxophone. Original founding member, Tommy Rodriguez left the band sometime around 1985 and various guitar players filled in from then on.

A good while after the band separated, Steve Hunter moved to New Orleans, LA, where he died in early 2001. David Stover remains in Richmond, where he plays with Cassandra Cossitt and Octavia Carpin in the alt-country band Buttercup. Hal Imburg remains in Richmond, where he has continued to play with various local bands while working full time as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Substance Abuse field.


  • No Kidding E.P. (Zero Degree,) 1983
  • Snubculture (Disrupted,) 1985
  • Jihad (Neg. FX,) 1986
  • Détente (Disrupted,) 1986