The Pride of the Family

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The Pride of the Family
Pride of the Family cast photo.jpg
Robert Hyatt as Junior Morrison, Fay Wray as Catherine Morrison, Paul Hartman as Albie Morrieson and Natalie Wood as Ann Morrison in The Pride of the Family (1953)
Genre Situation comedy
Written by James B. Allardice
Directed by Bob Finkel et al
Starring Paul Hartman
Fay Wray
Natalie Wood
Robert Hyatt
Larry J. Blake
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 40
Running time 22 mins.
Production company(s) Revue Productions
Distributor NBC Universal Television Distribution
Original network ABC
Picture format Black and white
Audio format Monaural
Original release October 2, 1953 (1953-10-02) – July 2, 1954 (1954-07-02)

The Pride of the Family is an American situation comedy starring Paul Hartman, Fay Wray, Natalie Wood, and Robert Hyatt, which aired for forty episodes on ABC in the 19531954 season.[1]


Natalie Wood as Ann Morrison.

Hartman portrays Albie Morrison, the father and error-prone head of the household,[2] about whom most of the episodes are centered. Albie works in the advertising section of his local newspaper, and he often has new ideas that go awry in the workplace as well as failed handyman activities at home.[3][4] Wray, remembered in particularly from her role in the horror film King Kong, plays Albie's wife, Catherine.[5] Natalie Wood is the 15-year-old daughter, Ann,[6] and "Bobby" Hyatt (1939–2007) is the 14-year-old son, Junior Morrison. Larry J. Blake appeared fourteen times in the role of "Frank".[1]

Billboard described Hartman's lead role as "average"; indeed the series attempted to present the "average family."[7]

Guest stars included Tol Avery, Barbara Billingsley, Douglas Fowley, Frank Ferguson (five times as Murdock), Lyle Talbot, Steven Terrell (five times as Tom), and Joey D. Vieira (six episodes as Hollis).[1]

Production notes[edit]

The Pride of the Family aired at 9 p.m. EST on Fridays. It followed ABC's The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse anthology series and preceded the short-lived, The Comeback Story, a reality show hosted by George Jessel and Arlene Francis. It was slated opposite The Big Story on NBC and Schlitz Playhouse of Stars on CBS.[8] The series also aired in limited rebroadcasts in June and July 1955 on CBS.[3]

The Revue production, now NBCUniversal Television Group, was filmed at Republic Studios in North Hollywood, California.[1]


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