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Youth Business International (YBI) is a global not-for-profit organisation which exists to support under-served young entrepreneurs. Its key aim is to empower young people and give them the opportunity to start their own business. YBI delivers this support through a global networked community of independent organisations that provide work with young people in more than 40 countries. YBI is a membership organisation and the support package provided by each member varies slightly but the core offering is a combination of access to capital, business development services and experienced mentoring. YBI was Founded in 2000 and supports in excess of 10,000 young people to start businesses annually.


Youth Business International was originally was part of a programme within the International Business Leaders Forum, becoming an independent organisation in 2000.[citation needed] With HRH Prince Charles as its President YBI also became a member of the part of the Prince’s Charities Group. YBI has been a fully independ and is now a fully independent organisation.[citation needed]


In 2013 YBI members helped 14,406 young people to start their own business. In addition members of the YBI network provided business and entrepreneurship training to 197,600 young people around the world. Data collected from YBI member organisations in 2013 indicates that for every job created by a YBI network loan, 3.9 additional jobs are created in the community and supply chain. More tyhan 70% of YBI supported businesses are still trading after three years.[1]


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