The Princess Academy

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The Princess Academy
The Princess Academy poster.jpg
Directed by Bruce A. Block
Produced by Sandra Weintraub
Written by Sandra Weintraub
Starring Lar Park-Lincoln
Lu Leonard
Eva Gabor
Music by Roger Bellon
Cinematography Kent L. Wakeford
Edited by Martin Cohen
Distributed by Empire Pictures
Lightning Video
Release dates
April 1987
Running time
90 min
Country France
United States
Language English

The Princess Academy is a 1987 independent film comedy directed by Bruce A. Block and written by Sandra Weintraub. It was filmed entirely in Yugoslavia near Zagreb and at Yadran Studios.


Cindy Cathcart (Lar Park-Lincoln) is a student out of place at an exclusive Swiss finishing school, Von Pupsin Academy. A poor orphan, Cindy is attending on a scholarship, and is resented by her snobby peers as well as Fraulein Stinkenschmidt (Lu Leonard). She soon finds allies: her British roommate, an outgoing Texan, Lulu Belle (Britt Helfer), an Italian Mafiosi's daughter, Isabella (Barbara Rousek), and most crucial, the school's headmistress, Countess Von Pupsin (Eva Gabor).


The film was given a theatrical release in April 1987. After its theatrical run, the film was released on videocassette by Lightning Video. The film has never been released on DVD.

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