The Princess Pat

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The Princess Pat
Jmusic princess pat.jpg
Sheet music
Music Victor Herbert
Lyrics Henry Blossom
Book Henry Blossom
Productions 1915 Broadway

The Princess Pat is an operetta in three acts with music by Victor Herbert and book and lyrics by Henry Blossom. After an Atlantic City, New Jersey tryout in August 1915, it premiered on Broadway on September 29, 1915 at the Cort Theatre and ran for 158 performances. Herbert wrote the piece for the soprano Eleanor Painter (1891-1947).

Characters and original cast[edit]

  • Frances Hedges - Una Brooks
  • General John Holbrook - Louis Casavant
  • Maude Van Cortlandt - Lilian Charles
  • Si Perkins - Alexander Clark
  • Jack Wickham - William Collins
  • Dorothy Pryme - Lyn Donaldson
  • Lee Bainbridge - Carl Drury
  • Duncan Arthur - Sven Erick
  • Elsie Smith - Kathleen Erroll
  • Grace Holbrook - Eva Fallon
  • Nat Franklin - Irving Fast
  • Anne Winthrop - Clare Freeman
  • Sidney Gray - Jack Hagner
  • Bob Darrow - Sam B. Hardy
  • Thomas - Martin Haydon
  • Coralie Bliss - Doris Kenyon
  • Bella Wells - Charlotte La Grande
  • Prince Antonio di Montaldo - Joseph Lertora
  • Reggie Calthorpe - Este Morrison
  • Marie - Leonora Novasio
  • Tony Schmalz, Jr. - Robert Ober
  • Princess de Montaldo - Eleanor Painter
  • Teddy Thorne - William Quinby
  • Bertie Ashland - Ralph Riggs
  • Achille Mazetti - Mario Rogati
  • Al Shean - Anthony Schmalz
  • Hester Lisle - Clara Taylor
  • Gabrielle Fourneaux - Katherine Witchie


Princess Patrice O'Connor, from Ireland, is married to Prince Antonio di Montaldo. The Prince is unattentive, now that the couple has married, and so Pat pretends to elope with the aging Anthony Schmalz to make him jealous and to help her friend Grace. Her scheme works well: the Prince's passion is revived, and Grace marries a younger and more suitable member of the Schmalz family.

Song list[edit]

  • Allies - Marie and Thomas
  • Make Him Guess - Grace Holbrook and Ladies
  • I'd Like to Be a Quitter, But I Find It Hard to Quit - Tony Schmalz, Jr.
  • Love Is the Best of All - Princess de Montaldo and Ensemble
  • For Better or For Worse (Sunshine) - Princess de Montaldo and Grace Holbrook
  • When a Girl's About to Marry - Grace Holbrook, General John Holbrook and Anthony Schmalz
  • Estellita - Ensemble
  • Neapolitan Love Song (T'amo!) - Prince Antonio di Montaldo
  • I Wish I Was an Island in an Ocean of Girls - Anthony Schmalz and Girls
  • I Need Affection - Princess de Montaldo
  • All for You - Princess de Montaldo and Prince Antonio di Montaldo
  • In a Little World for Two - Princess de Montaldo, Bob Darrow, Grace Holbrook and Tony Schmalz, Jr.
  • The Shoes of Husband Number One Are Worn by Number Two - Si Perkins
  • Two Laughing Irish Eyes - Ensemble

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