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The Princess Wei yang
The Princess Weiyoung.jpg
GenreHistorical fiction
Based onThe Poisonous Daughter by Qin Jian
Written byCheng Tingyu
Directed byLi Huizhu
StarringTiffany Tang
Luo Jin
Vanness Wu
Mao Xiaotong
Li Xinai
Opening themeIf Heaven Has Compassion by A-Lin
Ending themeHeavenly Gift by Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes54
Production location(s)Hengdian
Running time45mins
Production company(s)Croton Media
Yuehua Entertainment
Feng Jing Media
Original networkDragon TV
Beijing TV
Picture formatHDTV 1080i, SDTV 576i
Audio formatStereophonic
Original release11 November (2016-11-11) –
9 December 2016 (2016-12-09)

The Princess Wei yang (Chinese: 锦绣未央; pinyin: Jin Xiu Wei Yang) is a 2016 Chinese television series starring Tiffany Tang in the title role, alongside Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong and Li Xinai. It is adapted from the novel The Poisonous Daughter (Chinese: 庶女有毒) by Qin Jian and is a fictionalized account of Emperor Wencheng of Northern Wei's reign and Empress Feng (Wencheng)'s regency.[1] The series aired on Dragon TV and Beijing TV from 11 November to 9 December 2016.[2]

The series received mixed reviews. It was praised for its tight plot and fast storyline and vivid character personas.[3] It was also praised for showcasing the story of growth of a strong and independent female lead, as well as fleshing out the background stories of various supporting characters.[4] Viewership ratings also reached as high as 2%, making it one of the highest rated drama of 2016.[5] However it was criticized for its cliché plot devices, illogical plot details, use of excessive and inappropriate makeup, and dubbing of actors' voices.[6]


During the chaotic Northern and Southern Dynasties, in Northern Liang's royal family lived a princess named Feng Xin'er (Tiffany Tang) who was kind, carefree and loved by all. Chiyun Nan, a marshal from the Chiyun clan of Northern Wei, takes it upon himself to overrun Northern Liang for his greed and turned it into a bloodbath, killing almost the entire royal family and forcing the princess to survive on her own.

Li Wei yang, the daughter of the Prime Minister of Northern Wei, shielded the princess from harm. However, Weiyoung dies protecting Xin'er due to the fact that the Chiyun family is not pleased when it is time to recall her back to their family manor, and the latter (Xin'er) assumes Weiyoung's identity to reside in her home, where she is disliked and shunned by Li Changle and her mother Chiyun Ruo. She thus took it upon herself to fight against the Chiyun clan and unexpectedly, became entangled with Northern Wei's prince, Tuoba Jun (Luo Jin). She also attracts the eye of Tuoba Yu (Vanness Wu) who sees her as a chess piece to his ultimate aim of being Emperor. Through her struggles, she gains wisdom and is finally able to find peace for her family and live true to her heart.



Actor Character Introduction
Tiffany Tang Li Wei yang / Feng Xin'er

Kind, bright and intelligent, she became cold and vengeful after her kingdom is destroyed and her family is assassinated. Being in reality the princess of Northern Liang, she assumed her friend Weiyoung's identity as the illegitimate daughter of Prime Minister Li, in order be able to avenge her own family as well as Weiyoung. In the process she falls in love with the Emperor's grandson without knowing his status at first, then tries to rebuff him when she realizes who he is.

Luo Jin Tuoba Jun Prince Gaoyang
Bright, sunny and compassionate, Tuoba Jun is the Emperor's favorite grandson as well as the deceased Crown Prince's son. As a result, he is targeted by the Emperor's sons, Tuoba Han and Tuoba Yu. However, he doesn’t care about royal politics. His sincerity and unwavering love towards Weiyoung despite her desire for revenge makes her fall for him.
Vanness Wu[7] Tuoba Yu Prince Nanan
Cunning, ruthless and cold-blooded, Tuoba Yu's greatest ambition is to become the Emperor and rule the world. He is attracted by Weiyoung's intelligence and wit, and plans to use her as a chess piece to realize his ambitions. However, he soon falls for her, and is willing to go to extreme lengths to have her by his side.
Mao Xiaotong[8] Li Changru

Daughter of the 2nd aunt of the Li Family. Weiyoung's younger cousin.
She's been in love Tuoba Yu since young. Having been oppressed and overshadowed by her elder cousin Li Changle from young, she becomes ruthless and seeks to topple her cousin. She hides her hypocritical and scheming nature behind her weak and delicate appearance. She treats Weiyoung sincerely at first, but turns against her when she discovered that Tuoba Yu has fallen for her, and as a result she betrays Weiyoung. She eventually becomes pregnant with Tuoba Yu's child.

Li Xinai[9] Li Changle

Daughter of Chiyun Rou and Li Xiaoran. Wei yang's elder half-sister.
Known as the #1 beauty in the capital province, she is arrogant and selfish, believing that no woman is better than her. The appearance of Li Weiyoung makes her insecure and jealous. She seeks to get rid of Weiyoung and marry Tuoba Jun whom she has had a crush on since long ago. After she frames Li Weiyoung for the death of the Crown Princess (Tuoba Jun's mother), she eventually becomes the wife of Tuoba Jun. After it was discovered that she was the real murderer, she was to kill herself as punishment.


Northern Wei[edit]

People in palace[edit]
Actor Character Introduction
Canti Lau[10] Tuoba Tao

Emperor Taiwu of Northern Wei.
He was betrayed by Zong Ai at the end.

Wan Meixi[11] Empress of Northern Wei
Ding Ziling[12] Lu Zhaoyi Tuoba Tao's concubine and Tuoba Yu's mother.
Wang Yujing Tuoba Huang Former Crown Prince.
Tuoba Jun's deceased father.
He was framed by Zong Ai and imprisoned by the Emperor, and died of acute illness shortly after.
Xu Rongzhen[13] Crown Princess Tuoba Jun's mother.
Zhang Tianyang[14] Tuoba Han Prince Dongping

He tries to murder Tuoba Jun on the hunting grounds by setting a hidden trap, which Changle uses as well to get rid of Weiyoung after discovering it. In an attempt to take down Tuoba Yu, who he saw as a threat in his ambitions to become the successor, Tuoba Han frames Weiyoung for attempting to poison the Empress. When the truth of all his schemes and the collusion with local authorities to enclose lands for personal gains was exposed, the Emperor was about to have him and those involved executed, but instead he was abolished as a civilian and confined in his own manor.

Chen Yuqi[15] Tuoba Di Ninth Princess
She initially dresses as a man to make fun of Li Minde, thinking he was the one who wanted her hand in marriage. After learning archery and spending time with him, she falls in love with him. Although her love was initially un-reciprocated, she takes it in stride and continued to help Li Minde protect Weiyoung. In the end, she gets together with Li Minde after nearly losing her life.
Hou Ruixiang Zong Ai

The Emperor's personal eunuch.
He is actually Tuoba Yu's underling. He is discovered for his betrayal after trying to steal the account record that proved the Crown Prince's innocence.

Meng Fei Gao Yun
Rui Weihang[16] Cheng De Tuoba Jun's subordinate.
He likes Jun Tao.
Wu Hong[17] Cheng An Tuoba Yu's subordinate.
Zhang Yuechi Jiang Zuo Tuoba Han's subordinate.
Guan Shan Qiu Yi Personal servant of Crown princess.
Jiang Zhen Xiaolinzi
Liu Fenggang Physician Liu
Han Yan Head Attendant Liang
Li Jiaxi Cai Ping
Li Household[edit]
Actor Character Introduction
Wang Liyuan Old Granny Li Li Weiyoung's grandmother.
Bai Fan[18] Li Xiaoran Prime Minister of Northern Wei.
Li Weiyoung's father.
Lily Tien[19] Chiyun Rou First lady of the Li family. Li Xiaoran's wife; Li Minfeng and Li Changle's birth mother.
An evil woman who conspires to kill Weiyoung so that she will not overshadow Changle. She dies from poisoning herself in a scheme to rid of Weiyoung.
Hu Caihong[18] Wen Weiyi

Second lady of the Li Family. Li Changru and Li Changxi's birth mother.

Wang Wanjuan Zhou Xuemei

Third lady of the Li Family. Li Minde's adoptive mother.
She is killed by Chiyun Rou, who plotted to deliberately infect her with a highly contagious disease.

Liu Jie[20] Seventh Madame Li Weiyoung's birth mother.
A kind woman, she discovers that Xin'er is not the real Weiyoung but helps keep her secret, and decides to consider Xin'er as her daughter after she confronts her for the truth.
Nan Fulong Li Minfeng Eldest son of the Li family.
He is power-hungry and manipulative. He uses Zi Yan to harm Weiyoung, and dumps her after that. He is killed by Jun Tao after an elaborate plot set up by Weiyoung to avenge Zi Yan's death at his hands.
Li Yixiao Li Weiyoung (real) Second mistress of the Li household.
She was thrown out of the Li household as she was born on an inauspicious date. Li Weiyoung saves Feng Xin'er's life and is killed not long after. After Weiyoung's death, Xin'er assumes her identity to avenge both the murder of her father and grandmother, and also Weiyoung herself.
Peng Doudou[21] Li Changxi Fourth young mistress of the Li family.
She likes to eat, and often sucks up to Li Changle.
Zhou Meiyi[22] Chun Ming Chiyun Rou's accomplice and personal servant.
Mu Le'en[23] Bai Zhi Li Weiyoung's loyal servant.
She later dies at the hands of Li Changru.
Tian Yixi[24] Zi Yan Li Weiyoung's personal servant.
She betrays Weiyoung after being manipulated by Li Minfeng. She falls pregnant with his child, and ends up in his household where she is mistreated daily by him. She was rescued by Zhou Xuemei, and died in Weiyoung's arms.
Peng Yingying[25] Cui'er Seventh Madame's personal servant.
Jin Pohan Rong'er Li Changru's loyal servant who is her accomplice in killing Bai Zhi.
Chang Shixin Tan Xiang Li Changle's personal servant.
Wang Tianhong Liu Hong Li Changxi's personal servant.
Dai Chunrong Madame Liu Li Weiyoung's care taker.
She mistreats Weiyoung and after her death, agrees to help pass Xin'er off as Weiyoung to prevent her family from being harmed. She later betrays Xin'er and reveals the deception after being threatened by Chiyun Rou.
Zhu Xingyu Ping An Li Minde's subordinate.
Tan Songmei Mother Luo Old Granny Li's personal servant.
Chiyun Household[edit]
Actor Character Introduction
Tang Jiayang Old Granny Chiyun
Jin Han[26] Chiyun Nan Great general of Northern Wei. Chiyun Rou's nephew.
He plotted and framed King Hexi of Northern Liang for rebellion in order to satisfy his greed. He eventually works for Tuoba Yu after he saves his life.
Ji Xiaobing Chiyun Si
Zhang Shenghao Chiyun Wei
Yang Zuqing[27] Hong Luo Chiyun Nan's faithful follower who is in love with him.

Northern Liang[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Leanne Liu Queen Dowager Feng Xin'er's loving grandmother who sacrifices herself to protect her granddaughter.
Tan Kai King Hexi of Northern Liang Feng Xin'er's father who was framed for staging a coup and killed by Chiyun Nan.
Sun Wei[28] Uncle Ming Head of the royal guards. Jun Tao's father.
He killed by Chiyun Nan.
Wang Yanzhi[29] Jun Tao Feng Xin'er's royal bodyguard.
She later continues to stay by her side as a confidante, after Xin'er assumed Weiyoung's identity. She likes Cheng De.
Zhang Hengping Fortune Teller Monk

Rou Ran[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Liang Zhenlun[30] Li Minde / Prince Yuan Lie Crown Prince of Rou Ran.
He was adopted as the second young master of Li Family by Zhou Xuemei. He likes Weiyoung initially, but later falls for Tuoba Di.
Wang Wei[31] Princess An Le Yuan Lie's younger sister.
Li Ang[32] General Jiao Minister of Rou Ran Kingdom.
He secretly trails and protects Li Minde / Yuan Lie.



  1. If Heaven Has Compassion (天若有情) – A-Lin
  2. Heavenly Gift (天赋) – Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin
  3. Next Life (來生) – Li Qi
  4. Fate Because of Me (緣因我) – Jin Han
  5. Growing Old Interdependently (白首相依) – Jin Chi and Sun Bolun
  6. Illuminating Jade Treasury of Wisdom (玉燭寶典) – Cui Zige

Hong Kong

  1. A Lifetime of Waiting (一輩子守候) – Hana Kuk

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
8th China TV Drama Awards Most Popular Actor Luo Jin Won
Most Popular Actress Tiffany Tang Won
Most Charismatic Actor on the Screen Vanness Wu Won
Mao Xiaotong Won
2nd China Quality Television Drama Ceremony Audience Favorite TV Series (Dragon TV) Won [33]
Most Marketable Actress Tiffany Tang Won
Media's Most Anticipated Actor Luo Jin Won
Media's Most Anticipated Actress Tiffany Tang Won
22nd Huading Awards Best Actress Won [34][35]
Best Actor (Ancient) Luo Jin Nominated
5th Annual DramaFever Awards Best Chinese Language Drama The Princess Weiyoung Won
Best Supporting Actress Mao Xiaotong Nominated
Best Villain Vanness Wu Nominated


The author of the source novel was involved in a plagiarism case, where it was alleged that she used a software to copy over hundreds of other works to create her own novel. An alliance formed by 12 writers, including famed wuxia novelist Woon Swee Oan, teamed up together to sue Qin Jian.[36][37] According to Beijing News, a group of volunteers compared The Poisonous Daughter (Chinese: 庶女有毒) with more than 200 other novels. They found that out of 294 chapters, only nine chapters were original.[38]

On May 8, 2019, the Chaoyang District People's Court has declared Qin Jian is guilty of infringing the works of Shen Wenwen, who wrote the novel 身历六帝宠不衰 that The Poisonous Daughter has copied from. Qin Jian has to compensate Shen Wenwen a total amount of 136,500 yuan for economic loss and intellectual copyright protection within 10 days from the verdict. Moreover, she must immediately cease sales and distribution of the novel upon the day the sentence that is handed down.[39]

International broadcast[edit]

  • 8TV – 21 February 2017 (weekdays, 8:30 p.m.)
  • MediaCorp Channel 8 – 3 June 2017 (2 episodes back-to-back every Sat, 10:30 p.m.)
  • TVB Jade – 23 January 2017 (weekdays, 7p.m.)
  • Chunghwa TV – 19 December 2016 (weekdays, 10p.m.)
  • GTV Drama – 8 May 2017 (weekdays, 10p.m.)
  • Oh!K – Coming Soon (2 episodes back-to-back every Thursday-Saturday, 6p.m)
  • ThaiPBS - 13 January 2019 (Sat - Sun 8.15 p.m.)
  • NTV7 - 4 June 2019 (weekdays, 1a.m.)


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