The Private Press

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The Private Press
The Private Press.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 4, 2002
RecordedAugust 2000–December 2001
StudioThe Parlor of Mystery
ProducerDJ Shadow
DJ Shadow chronology
Preemptive Strike
The Private Press
The Private Repress
Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[3]
Entertainment WeeklyA−[4]
The Guardian5/5 stars[5]
Los Angeles Times3.5/4 stars[6]
Q4/5 stars[9]
Rolling Stone3.5/5 stars[10]
Uncut4/5 stars[11]
The Village VoiceA[12]

The Private Press is the second studio album by American hip hop producer DJ Shadow, released on June 4, 2002 by MCA Records. Upon its release, the album received universal acclaim from critics.


The single "Six Days" featured a promotional video directed by Wong Kar-wai. "Blood on the Motorway" was featured in a TV commercial for the British mobile phone network O2 and for the BBC advert for Darwin: The Genius of Evolution as well as in the ending scene of the film dot the i and in the film Better Luck Tomorrow.

The limited edition version of The Private Press has different packaging, and includes "Giving Up the Ghost (original version)" and a bonus disc featuring "Pushin' Buttons Live," a 12-minute live track featuring Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark.

The album was given a Parental Advisory warning, because the tracks "Walkie Talkie" and "Mashin' on the Motorway" contain several uses of profanity. An edited version also exists with the profane moments re-edited.

The Private Repress was released in 2003, consisting of remixed tracks and b-sides from the recording era.

Track listing[edit]

  1. (Letter from Home) – 1:09
  2. "Fixed Income" – 4:49
  3. "Un Autre Introduction" – 0:44
  4. "Walkie Talkie" – 2:27
  5. "Giving Up the Ghost" – 6:30
  6. "Six Days" – 5:02
  7. "Mongrel..." – 2:20
  8. "...Meets His Maker" – 3:02
  9. "Right Thing/GDMFSOB" – 4:20
  10. "Monosylabik" – 6:46
  11. "Mashin' on the Motorway" – 2:58
  12. "Blood on the Motorway" – 9:12
  13. "You Can't Go Home Again" – 7:03
  14. (Letter from Home) – 0:57
  15. Giving Up the Ghost (original version) – 6:14 – in the limited edition
A limited edition version of the album came with an additional single track CD. The track was "Pushin' Buttons Live" and featured guest appearances from Jurassic 5 DJs Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark.


"(Letter from Home)"

  • A recorded letter (a "Recordio-Gram") by Nubella Johnson.

"Fixed Income"

  • "She's Gonna Grow on You" by Sensations' Fix
  • "Million Grains of Sand" by Marcus
  • "Bright Shadows" by Beaver and Krause
  • "Voyage to Cleveland" by Saint Steven
  • "Love Eyes" by Phluph
  • "Beacon from Mars" by Kaleidoscope
  • "With Cat-Like Thread" by Spindrift Liberate

"Un Autre Introduction"

  • "Jingle Overture (Discoteque)" by François Bernard and Roby

"Walkie Talkie"

"Giving Up the Ghost"

"Six Days"

  • "I Cry in the Morning" by Dennis Olivieri
  • "Six Day War" by Colonel Bagshot
  • "Drummer's Salute" by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
  • "The Revival" by The Salvation Co.
  • "Savoy Truffle" by Terry Manning

"Mongrel...Meets His Maker"

  • "Strange About Your Hands" by Sensations' Fix
  • "Little Waterfalls" by The Facedancers
  • "Thoughts" by Iliad
  • "Fantasy World" by James Knight and the Butlers

"Right Thing/GDMFSOB"


  • "Plenty Action" by Soft Touch
  • "I Need Your Loving" by The Whitney Family

"Mashin' on the Motorway"

  • "Sunshine" by David Wertman
  • "All Along the Watchtower" by Savage Grace
  • "You Best Give It Up" by Jessie and the Mel-O-Tones
  • Dialogue from the film Roger and Me ("He just wanted us to call him Captain Da. He said you could call me Da-Da. Whatever that meant.")

"Blood on the Motorway"

"You Can't Go Home Again"


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