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The leading revolutionary, founder of modern Serbia and its royal dynasty- Djordje Petrovic

The Proclamation (Proglašenije/Πρоглашеније) of 1809 refers to the political document of Serbian revolution which marked the foundation of modern Serbia.[1] It was issued by Karadjordje in the newly appointed capital Belgrade, which represented the peak of the Serbian revolution. It called for unity of the Serbs, emphasizing the importance of freedom of religion, Serbian history and the rule of law-. It also called on Serbs to stop paying taxes to the Porte because they were based on religious affiliation of its subjects.

"Therefore, dear Serb when it's only up to us, take an example from those peoples who foster unity and order, for they have become mighty and prosperous; offer advises to each other, as the priests do, when they teach their flock: teach them the words of Christ, the ones which say: As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. Not so much by words, but by your doing so, the end of our quest will bring out the old glory of Serbia to show, that we indeed are: the children of our glorious and brave ancestors"

Karadjordje Petrovic in Belgrade, The Proclamation (1809)


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