The Profane Exhibit

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The Profane Exhibit
The Profane Exhibit Poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed by José Mojica Marins
Nacho Vigalondo
Ryan Nicholson
Andrey Iskanov
Michael Todd Schneider
Sergio Stivaletti
Marian Dora
Yoshihiro Nishimura
Richard Stanley
Uwe Boll
Ruggero Deodato
Produced by David Bond
Manda Manuel
Written by Scott Swan
Manda Manuel
Starring Various
Music by Chris Vrenna
Steven Severin (segment "Mother May I")
Maurizio Guarini (segment "Tophet Quorum")
Cinematography Various
Edited by Jeremy Kasten
Cinemasport (segment "The Hell Chef")
Harbinger Pictures
New Revolution Productions (segment "Basement")
Distributed by Boll World Sales (2012, Worldwide)
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

The Profane Exhibit is a 2013 Canadian-Italian anthology horror film written and directed by various filmmakers specialized in the genre.[1][2]




The project began to take shape in 2011, when producer David Bond approached Masters of Horror writer Scott Swan about developing several segments for the film. Swan went on to write eleven short screenplays based on Bond's story concepts, as well as a wrap-around script. Ultimately seven segments based on Swan's original screenplay drafts made it into the final film.

In March 2012, it was announced that Uwe Boll had finished directing a short horror story for the anthology.[11]

Producers David Bond and Manda Manuel shot the majority of the footage for The Profane Exhibit during 2013, giving a sneak preview of the film at the Housecore Horror Film Festival in October. Housecore, which is run by Philip H Anselmo and Corey Mitchell, was the first event at which several segments were shown in full.

Bond and Manuel are currently in production on The Book, an Italian collaborative project which brings together a number of Giallo and Italian Horror directors.[12]


While the film's international premiere is set for the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in 2014, a great deal of magazine and radio coverage has been generate in the run up to the release.

Bizarre Magazine ran extensive coverage of the feature, calling it "The Biggest Cult Film Ever".[13]

Diabolique Magazine published a nine-page article in Issue No. 19 (Jan/Feb 2014) entitled The Gatekeepers.[14] The feature, written by Colin McCracken, contained an exclusive interview with David Bond, in which the project was explained in full.

The article stated, "With no jokey cameos, self-referential post modernism or internalised jibing taking place, it appears that a sense of thoughtful insight and craftsmanship has made a return to the genre."[citation needed]

The leading genre website ran an exclusive "first look" review of the film on January 27, 2014,[15] in which it was described as "De Sade for the digital age". The film was given a score of 85% and the overall reception was positive and enthusiastic.

The Giallo Ciao Ciao! Podcast, hosted by Creep Creepersin, featured an episode devoted to the two upcoming Harbinger International projects, The Profane Exhibit, and The Book.[16]

The Profane Exhibit was covered on Homegrown Radio New Jersey on January 21, on the Horror Happens show.[17]

Preston Carnell of Film Bizarro, after attending a screening of five the film's segments, gave a negative critique of the anthology, writing, "What was shown was far from impressive. What was shown was bland and dull, to be honest. Only Uwe Boll's and Nacho Vigalondo's contributions were interesting but even they were simplistic and lacked any sort of impact. They weren't a punch to the gut like they could have been."[18]


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