The Professor's Beloved Equation (film)

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The Professor's Beloved Equation
Directed byTakashi Koizumi
Produced byMiyako Araki
Tsutomu Sakurai
Written byTakashi Koizumi (screenplay)
Yōko Ogawa (novel)
StarringAkira Terao
Eri Fukatsu
Takanari Saito
Music byTakashi Kako
CinematographyHiroyuki Kitazawa
Masaharu Ueda
Edited byHideto Aga
Release date
  • January 21, 2006 (2006-01-21)
Running time
117 minutes
LanguageJapanese / Juǀʼhoan
Budget$5,000,000 (estimated)

The Professor's Beloved Equation (博士の愛した数式) is a Japanese film released January 21, 2006 and directed by Takashi Koizumi. It is based on the novel The Housekeeper and the Professor.

In contrast to the original work, which is told from the perspective of the narrator, the film is shown from the perspective of a 29-year-old Root as he recounts his memories of the professor to a group of new pupils. Though there are a few differences between the film and the original work (for example, the movie touches on the relationship between the professor and the widow while the book does not give much detail), the film is generally faithful to the original.



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