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The Project is a BBC two-part 2002 television drama, directed by Peter Kosminsky from a script by Leigh Jackson.

The series presented a fictionalised account (though said to be closely based on research),[1] seen through the experiences of three young activists, of developments in the Labour Party and its progress into Blairism, from the party's failure to win the 1992 General Election through its election victory in 1997 to its re-election victory in 2001.

The first part, "Opposition", was first shown on 10 November 2002, with the second part "Government" shown the next night (divided into two parts), both on BBC One.[2][3] The cast included Matthew Macfadyen, Naomie Harris and Paloma Baeza.[4]

The series was shown by the Franco-German network ARTE in September 2003, under the title Les années Tony Blair (The Tony Blair years) / Projekt Machtwechsel (Project Make-change).


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