The Projected Passion Revue

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The Projected Passion Revue
Compilation album by Dexys Midnight Runners
Released January 2007
Recorded 1981
Genre New wave, blue-eyed soul
Label Mercury Records
Dexys Midnight Runners chronology
Let's Make This Precious: The Best of Dexys Midnight Runners
The Projected Passion Revue
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The Projected Passion Revue is a compilation album by the group Dexys Midnight Runners, comprising recordings made in 1981, between the group's first album Searching for the Young Soul Rebels and its second, Too-Rye-Ay. The album represents a stage in the group's development which built upon the blue-eyed soul sound of the original line-up, but came before the group's adoption of a significant folk influence (and the addition of The Emerald Express to the line-up).

The album includes the A and B sides of Dexys Midnight Runners' three 1981 singles, three tracks recorded in session for Radio 1, and a live recording of a show in Dexys' "Projected Passion Revue" tour.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Plan B" (single)
  2. "Soul Finger" (single B-side)
  3. Dialogue - Introduction By Gary Crowley (live)
  4. "Outlook (a.k.a. Dubious)" (live)
  5. "Tell Me When My Light Turns Green" (live)
  6. "Soon/Plan B" (live)
  7. "Burn It Down" (live)
  8. "Respect" (live)
  9. "Until I Believe In My Soul" (live)
  10. "There There My Dear" (live)
  11. "Your Own (a.k.a. Liars A To E)" (live)
  12. "Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache" (live)
  13. "Let's Make This Precious" (session)
  14. "Your Own (a.k.a. Liars A To E)" (session)
  15. "Until I Believe In My Soul" (session)
  16. "Show Me" (single)
  17. "Soon" (single B-side)
  18. "Liars A To E" (single)
  19. "And Yes We Must Remain The Wildhearted Outsiders" (single B-side)