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The Projection Booth
Logo highres.jpg
Hosted byMike White
Audio formatMP3
No. of episodes529 (as of July 2021)
Original releaseMarch 7, 2011 (2011-03-07) – present

The Projection Booth is a podcast featuring discussions of films from a variety of genres with critical analysis. As of February 2021, more than 500 episodes had been released.

The show is hosted by Mike White, the director of Who Do You Think You're Fooling?. Guests on the show have included John Waters, Ed Harris, Luke Wilson, Chris Elliott, Ellen Burstyn, Bruce Dern, Nicholas Meyer, William Friedkin, Julie Taymor and Joe Dante.


Each show contains a discussion of a single main film. Sometimes other films that compliment or contrast the main topic are discussed. Often, guest interviews are included. Guests have included other podcast hosts, authors, or people with particular insights on a given film or topic, and at times, the filmmakers themselves.[1]

Episode lengths vary; many are less than an hour, but episodes have reached up to seven hours.[2]

Some of the show's most popular episodes include shows on The Magnificent Ambersons,[3] Conan the Barbarian[4] and Blow Out.

While covering a wide array of films, the show has been criticized for occasionally dedicating episodes to obscure films not available on DVD.[5]


The podcast started when the original hosts, Mike White and Justin Bozung, were driving from Detroit to the 2010 B Movie Celebration[6] in Franklin, Indiana and discussing their favorite, and least favorite, film podcasts.[7]

Bozung left the show after the Hickey & Boggs episode. After a series of guest co-hosts, Rob St. Mary became a semi-permanent co-host. St. Mary's first full-time show was the February 29, 2012 episode on Frankenhooker. He left his full-time spot following the November 24, 2015 episode on Shadow of a Doubt.

The Projection Booth has been highlighted by The Washington Post,[8] The A.V. Club, IndieWire,[9] Entertainment Weekly, Filmmaker,[10] and Mental Floss[11] as one of the best film and movie podcasts available.

Though not specifically a horror film podcast, The Projection Booth has been nominated multiple times for the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.[12]


Mike White is a writer from Detroit, Michigan, who started the Cashiers du Cinemart zine in 1994.[13] Best known for his work Who Do You Think You're Fooling?, White has appeared in documentaries such as David Goodis: To A Pulp and The People vs. George Lucas.[citation needed] In 2003, White was part of the panel discussion at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, "Misadventures in Horror Podcasting".[14]

The show also has a "Robohost", developed by Bell Laboratories. Robohost is a computer program that continuously updates with all episodes of The Projection Booth podcast as well as anything written about or said about the show on other podcasts. Robohost has made appearances on the episodes Auschwitz and American Mary.


Revolving co-hosts since 2014 include film critic and author Maitland McDonagh,[15][16] David Kittredge,[17] Chris Stachiw,[18] Samm Deighan,[17][19] Skizz Cyzyk,[20] Chris Cummins,[20] Heather "Boom Boom" Drain, and Kat Ellinger.[19]


The show was formerly co-hosted by Rob St. Mary and Justin Bozung. St. Mary is a writer who worked at WDET Public Radio in Detroit.[21] He produced the horror-comedy Tainted which was released via Troma Entertainment in 1998.[citation needed] After the publication of his book Re-Entry: The Orbit Book Anthology,[22] he left full-time hosting but returns for select discussions. Bozung, also known as "Mondo Justin", was the creator of the Mondo Film & Video Guide. He was on episodes 1 (The Stunt Man) to episode 36 (Hickey & Boggs). He has also hosted his own podcast.[23][24]

Related Shows[edit]

White is also the co-host of other podcasts including The Kolchak Tapes (focused on Kolchak: The Night Stalker), Dreams for Sale (focused on The Twilight Zone (1985 TV series)), The Life & Times of Captain Barney Miller (focused on Barney Miller), and The Shabby Detective: Yet Another Columbo Podcast.


Episode – Film discussed Release date Guest(s) Guest Co-Host(s)
Abar, the First Black Superman March 16, 2011 Tobar Mayo
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane August 15, 2012 Rex Weiner, Floyd Mutrux, Daniel Waters Stuart Feedback Andrews
After Dark, My Sweet June 15, 2015 James Foley, Robert Redlin Robert Polito
Alien 3 July 22, 2015 Mark Verheiden, Holt McCallany, Lance Henriksen, Vincent Ward, John Fasano Brad Jones
Alien Resurrection January 15, 2021 Gary Dourdan, Leland Orser, Pitof El Goro, Mike Thompson
All My Compatriots (1969) September 2, 2020 Spencer Parsons, Chris Stachiw
All That Jazz (1979) August 19, 2020 Alan Heim, Keith Gordon, Deborah Geffner Emma Westwood, David Kittredge
All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records November 1, 2015 Sean M. Stuart Carol Borden
Alphaville November 10, 2015 David Sterritt Cullen Gallagher
Altered States April 27, 2015 Bob Balaban, Charles Haid Scott Clickers
The American Astronaut December 27, 2011 Cory McAbee Skizz Cyzyk
An American Hippie in Israel July 18, 2012 Yaniv Eidelstein
American Mary October 7, 2014 Jen Soska & Sylvia Soska, Tristan Risk Iris-Dora Saravia, Robohost
American Tiger April 10, 2019 Kat Ellinger, Cullen Gallagher
Annihilation July 10, 2019 Tony Black, Chris Stachiw
Another State of Mind (1984) November 1, 2019 Adam Small, Peter Stuart Heather Drain, Eric J. Peterson
The Antenna October 2, 2020 Orçun Behram David Rodgers, Mark Begley
Apocalypse Now June 7, 2016 Fax Bahr Paul Zimmerman, Rich Edwards
The Apocalypse Series August 16, 2019 André van Heerden Jen Handorf, Dan Martin
The Apple January 18, 2012 Iris Recht, Coby Recht, George S. Clinton, Menahem Golan, Catherine Mary Stewart, Joss Ackland Dan Tabor, Eric Bresler
The Art of Dying May 15, 2011 Wings Hauser
Assault on Precinct 13 April 21, 2021 Troy Howarth, Tommy Wallace Aaron Peterson, Father Malone
Auschwitz January 4, 2012 Uwe Boll Robohost
Baby, Baby, Baby April 14, 2015 Ian Jones, David Mooney Fraulein Von B
The Bad Lieutenant Films April 22, 2014 William M. Finkelstein, Edward R. Pressman Patrick Bromley
Bad Timing March 30, 2016 Yale Udoff, Nicolas Roeg, Anthony Lawson Elric Kane, Adam Long
Bamboozled February 19, 2014 John Strausbaugh Jay Scott Smith
Barton Fink May 24, 2016 Christopher Murney Adam Schartoff, Rob St. Mary
Batman Returns December 31, 2014 Daniel Waters, Sam Hamm, Mark Reinhart Mark Gledhill
Battlefield Earth June 4, 2013 Roger Christian, J.D. Shapiro
Battle Royale February 22, 2012 Linda Hoaglund Coffin Jon
Battles without Honor and Humanity June 12, 2012 Linda Hoaglund Coffin Jon
The Beaver Trilogy (& Part IV) (2000–2015) July 10, 2020 Trent Harris, Brad Besser Rahne Alexander, Bill Ackerman
Better Off Dead (1985) July 23, 2020 Diane Franklin, Savage Steve Holland, Curtis Armstrong Mike "McBeardo" McPadden, Jess Byard
Bettie Page Reveals All November 28, 2013 Mark Mori
Begotten October 22, 2018 Heather Drain, Ben Buckingham
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla October 6, 2021 Michael Barrie, Gary D. Rhodes Fredde Duke, Richard Whitley, Jamie Klein
Belladonna of Sadness June 26, 2019 Heather Drain, Kat Ellinger
Beverly Hills Cop March 21, 2017 Daniel Petrie Jr., Steven Berkoff, Ronny Cox, John Ashton, Harold Faltermeyer, Steven E. de Souza Elric Kane, Chris Cummins
The Beyond November 13, 2013 Troy Howarth
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls January 10, 2017 Doyle Green, Dolly Read, Marcia McBroom, John LaZar, Erica Gavin, Stu Phillips, Lynn Carey Heather Drain, Jordan Blossey
The Big Clock November 4, 2020 Terry Frost, Tim Luz
The Big Combo (1955) November 6, 2019 Jedidiah Ayres, Brian Hoyle
The Big Gundown July 21, 2021 Beth Accomando, Mike Malloy
The Big Dig (1969) March 4, 2020 Rafi Kishon Maurice Bursztynski, Yaniv Eidelstein
Big Gus, What's the Fuss? January 1, 2014 Lloyd Kaufman Yaniv Eidelstein
The Big Heat November 4, 2014 Patrick McGilligan Jay A. Gertzman
The Big Red One July 13, 2011 Robert Carradine, Christa Fuller, Samantha Fuller
The Big Sleep November 20, 2018 Dahlia Schweitzer Terry Frost, Eric Cohen
Big Trouble in Little China January 18, 2019 Sandy King Carpenter, W.D. Richter Vincenzo Natali Tony Black
Big Wednesday October 5, 2011 William Katt
The Bill & Ted Trilogy (1989–2020) January 29, 2021 Dan Shor, William Sadler, Alex Winter, Chris Matheson Chris Stachiw, Josh Stewart
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage August 28, 2012 Elena Past, Maitland McDonagh
Birds, Orphans and Fools September 23, 2020 Kat Ellinger, Jonathan Owen
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant March 3, 2021 Kat Ellinger, Heather Drain
The Black Cat August 25, 2015 Edward G Pettit, Noah Isenberg Maitland McDonagh
Black Dynamite March 4, 2014 Scott Sanders, Byron Minns
Black God, White Devil (1964) July 8, 2020 Chris Stachiw, Ken Stanley
The Black Hole June 16, 2021 El Goro, David Kittredge
Black Roses June 3, 2014 John Fasano Mike McBeardo McPadden
Black Shampoo December 25, 2013 Greydon Clark, Dean Cundey Leon Chase
Blade Runner September 20, 2012 David Hyde, Paul M. Sammon, William Sanderson Josh Hadley
Blast of Silence April 29, 2014 Allen Baron Howard A. Rodman
Blind Beast (1969) February 5, 2020 Coffin Jon, Elric Kane
Blue Collar September 1, 2015 Paul Schrader Maitland McDonagh
Bloodsucking Freaks December 8, 2011 Joel M. Reed
Blow Out November 12, 2013 Dennis Franz, Nancy Allen, Fred C. Caruso, Bill Mesce Jr. Jamey Duvall
Blue Velvet March 5, 2013 Paul M. Sammon Vincenzo Natali
The Blues Brothers January 27, 2021 John Landis, Steven Wiliams, Laila Nablusi Brad Jones, Suzen Tekla Kruglnska
Body Double March 6, 2019 Robert J. Avrech, Gregg Henry Bill Ackerman, Jim Vendiola
Bone February 25, 2014 Larry Cohen Joe Bannerman
Boss Nigger May 13, 2014 Fred Williamson David Walker
Boxing Helena December 22, 2015 Jennifer Lynch Heather Drain, Cecil Trachtenberg
Boys in the Sand January 15, 2014 Wakefield Poole Jim Tushinski
The Brain That Wouldn't Die December 10, 2013 Jon Gillespie, Tom Sivak, Kevin Frei Kevin Heffernan
Brainstorm (1983) December 30, 2019 Douglas Trumbull, Louise Fletcher, Bruce Joel Rubin, Philip Frank Messina, Robert Stitzel, Joseph Maddrey Samm Deighan, David Kittredge
Brand X May 26, 2015 Sam Chamberlain, Frank Cavestani
Branded to Kill April 2, 2013 Bill Fulkerson, Coffin Jon
Brazil December 30, 2020 Michael Palin Jeff Meyers, Skizz Cyzyk
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia October 2, 2012 Gordon Dawson, Ian Cooper
The Brood October 30, 2020 Cindy Hinds, Stephen Bissette Samm Deighan, Mark Begley
A Bullet for the General August 2, 2021 Andrew Leavold, Samm Deighan
The Burglar November 25, 2014 Duane Swierczynski
A Buster Keaton Celebration March 31, 2021 Gus Macmillan Heather Drain, Maurice Bursztynski
But I'm a Cheerleader June 19, 2019 Jamie Babbit Joshua Grannell, Cassandra Baker
Can Dialectics Break Bricks? (1973) June 24, 2020 Keith Sanborn Rob St. Mary, Spencer Parsons
The Candy Tangerine Man July 6, 2011 Matt Cimber
Cabin Boy November 5, 2013 Chris Elliott, Adam Resnick Mike Sullivan
Caligula August 5, 2014 Ranjit Sandhu, Alexander Tuschinski Maitland McDonagh
Capricious Summer September 29, 2021 Jonathan Owen, Kat Ellinger
Captain America February 26, 2013 Albert Pyun
Carrie October 31, 2021 Joseph Aisenberg, Nancy Allen, William Katt, Piper Laurie, Joe Maddrey Jamey Duvall, Keith Gordon
The Cars that Ate Paris February 21, 2017 Jonathan Rayner, Hal McElroy, Terry Camilleri, Bruce Spence Ben Buckingham, Kevin Heffernan
Careful August 3, 2011 Guy Maddin, Greg Klymkiw, George Toles
Celine and Julie Go Boating June 28, 2016 Jonathan Rosenbaum, Mary Wiles Heather Drain, Chris Stachiw
The Changeling March 2, 2016 Peter Medak Andrew Jupin, Axel Kohagen
The Chase November 29, 2016 Francis M. Nevins Jr. Maitland McDonagh, Cullen Gallagher
Chemical Cut January 18, 2014 Marjorie Conrad
Chicken Park February 2, 2012 Mike Sullivan
Chilly Scenes of Winter February 14, 2017 Joan Micklin Silver, John Heard, Amy Robinson, Griffin Dunne, Mark Metcalf Daniel Kremer, Bill Ackerman
Cleanflix July 23, 2013 Andrew James, Joshua Ligairi
Cleo/Leo September 23, 2015 Ginger Lynn, Veronica Hart, Larry Revene, Scott Baker Jill Nelson
Close Encounters of the Third Kind June 23, 2021 Joe Alves, Matthew Robbins, Jim Bloom, Douglas Trumbull Suzen Tekla Kruglnska, El Goro
The Coffin Joe Trilogy July 31, 2012 André Barcinski
Colossus: The Forbin Project December 3, 2015 Eric Braeden Maitland McDonagh, James Kruth, Chris Bricklemyer
Commando (1985) July 30, 2020 Steven E. DeSouza, Richard Tuggle Ti Singh, Chris Stachiw
The Company of Wolves October 14, 2020 James Gracey Kat Ellinger, Heather Drain
Conan the Barbarian February 24, 2015 Edward R. Pressman, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Gerry Lopez, Roy Thomas, Paul M. Sammon, Mark Finn, Sean Hood, Josh Adkins, Josh Hadley, El Goro
Contact December 15, 2015 James V. Hart, William Fichtner, Lynda Obst, Seth Shostak Jamey Duvall, Emily Intravita
The Conversation (1974) November 20, 2019 Vincenzo Natali, Jamey Duvall
The Cow (1969) March 27, 2020 Chris Stachiw, Heather Drain
The Creation of the Humanoids (1960) December 11, 2019 Jennifer Handorf, Dan Martin
Crime Wave July 20, 2011 Greg Klymkiw, Eva Kovaks, Neil Lawrie Skizz Cyzyk
Cruel Story of Youth June 2, 2015 David Desser, Linda Hoaglund Miguel Rodriguez
Cruising January 22, 2014 Don Scardino, Randy Jurgensen, Travis Mathews Jeffrey Schwarz
Crumbs December 9, 2020 Miguel Llanso Mark Begley, Chris Stachiw
CSA: Confederate States of America August 7, 2012 Kevin Willmott
Cube February 15, 2012 Vincenzo Natali Rod Lott
Cuties May 12, 2021 Judith Mayne, Angela Mac
Dakan August 18, 2021 Spencer Seams, Chris Stachiw
Daratt August 11, 2021 Kenneth Harrow Spencer Seams, Chris Stachiw
Darktown Strutters September 14, 2011 Trina Parks
The Day The Clown Cried April 1, 2011
Daughters of Darkness May 17, 2019 Danielle Ouimet Kat Ellinger, Heather Drain
The Dead Eyes of London & Creature with the Blue Hand April 1, 2021 Nick Schlegel, Samm Deighan
Dead Ringer April 13, 2011 Allan F. Nicholls
Deadbeat at Dawn June 15, 2011 Jim Van Bebber Jason Buchanan
Deadheads April 2, 2014 Brett Pierce, Drew Pierce Jamie Russell
Dead Heat (1988) October 30, 2019 Mark Goldblatt, Terry Black Heather Drain, Noel Thingvall
The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? September 17, 2015 Jon Schnepp, Holly Payne Chris Cummins
Death Game Redux May 22, 2016 Dyan Traynor
Death Race 2000 July 2, 2013 Adam Spiegelman
Death to Smoochy December 16, 2014 Adam Resnick, Danny Woodburn Mike Sullivan
Decoy (1946) November 15, 2016 Maitland McDonagh, Christa Faust
Deep Red January 15, 2013 Maitland McDonagh, Elena Past, Claudio Simonetti
Demon Seed February 10, 2016 Gerrit Graham, Rebecca Umland, Sam Umland Bill Ackerman, Maitland McDonagh
Desperate Living September 28, 2011 John Waters, Mink Stole
Detour November 11, 2014 Noah Isenberg Richard Edwards
Detroit 9000 September 12, 2012 Arthur Marks, Alex Rocco
Detroit Unleaded November 1, 2013 Rola Nashef
Detropia September 14, 2012 Heidi Ewing, Florent Tillon, Philip Lauri
The Devils May 27, 2014 Richard Crouse Vincenzo Natali
The Devil in Miss Jones October 29, 2013 Georgina Spelvin, Gerard Damiano Jr. Jill Nelson
Dick & Harry (That Guy Dick Miller, Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction) July 10, 2014 Elijah Drenner, Sophie Huber Steve Byrne
Dick Tracy August 12, 2016 Glenne Headly, Garyn G. Roberts, Dan Kampling Jared Case, Frank Santopadre
Die Laughing (1980) October 3, 2019 Jeff Werner, Carel Struycken David Kittredge, Maurice Bursztynski
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie December 17, 2013 John Baxter, Jean-Claude Carrière
Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot! December 18, 2012 Kevin Grant
Doctor Detroit March 28, 2017 Michael Pressman, Carl Gottlieb, Robert Boris, Glenne Headly Heather Drain, Aaron Peterson
Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four (2015) October 9, 2016 Marty Langford, Carl Ciarfalio, Chris Gore Rod Lott, Rob St. Mary
Don's Plum (2001) June 1, 2020 Dale Wheatley Andrew J. Rausch, Mike Sullivan
Double Indemnity (1944) November 27, 2019 Kat Ellinger, Keith Gordon
Dr. Caligari September 16, 2015 Stephen Sayadian, Jerry Stahl Heather Drain
'du BEAT-e-o November 20, 2020 Mark Sheffler, Mark Wheaton, Alan Sacks Heather Drain, Adam Spiegleman
Duck Soup (1933) September 27, 2016 Robert S. Bader, Robert B. Weide, Joseph Adamson Rob St. Mary, Jon Cross
Duets January 27, 2021 John Byrum, Kevin Jones Emily Intravia, Maurice Bursztynski
The Duke of Burgundy March 10, 2021 Peter Strickland Samm Deighan, Jim Vendiola
Dune March 30, 2011 Ed Naha
Dune October 21, 2021 Chris Stachiw
The Dybbuk May 3, 2016 Yossi Chajes John Walker, Daniel Bird
The Dying of the Light May 29, 2016 Peter Flynn Chris Bricklemyer
Eating Raoul November 26, 2013 Mary Woronov, Dick Blackburn, Susan Saiger, Jed Feuer Adam Spiegelman
The Ear (1970) September 11, 2019 Ben Buckingham, Martin Kessler
Ed Wood April 13, 2016 Larry Karaszewski, Mike Starr, Lydia Kavina, Andrew J. Rausch Steve Sholtes
Election Special (Bob Roberts, A Face in the Crowd, Year of the Yahoo) October 28, 2014 Herschell Gordon Lewis, Harry Lennix Josh Gravel
Electra Glide in Blue December 21, 2011 Rupert Hitzig, Robert Boris Josh Johnson
Elevator to the Gallows November 17, 2015 Nathan Southern, Jack Chambers Jedidiah Ayres
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark April 6, 2016 Frank Collison, Sam Egan, W. Morgan Sheppard Josh Hadley, John Pilate
Emperor of the North Pole May 28, 2019 Cullen Gallagher, Noel Thingvall
The Empire Strikes Back June 2, 2021 Peter Suschitzky, Paul Hirsch, Jim Bloom, Rebecca Harrison, J.W. Rinzler Jamie Benning, Chris Bricklemyer
Enemy Mine (1985) August 12, 2020 Barry Longyear, Richard Loncraine, Edward Khmara Corinne Luz, Tim Luz
The Entity October 20, 2015 Peter Tscherkassky, David Labiosa Daniel Kremer
Entranced Earth (1967) July 15, 2020 Chris Stachiw, Ken Stanley
Equinox December 4, 2012 Mark Thomas McGee Ben Nes
Eros + Massacre (1969) January 1, 2020 Dick Stegewerns Chris Stachiw, Samm Deighan
Escape from New York May 3, 2021 Nick Castle, Adrienne Barbeau, Joseph Alves Aaron Peterson, Father Malone
Eternity and a Day May 26, 2021 Andrew Horton John Atom, Agatha Luz
Evita January 6, 2021 Tim Rice Todd Nathanson, Paul Mow
Executive Action November 19, 2013 Donald Freed, Alex Cox, Joseph McBride
Existo (1999) November 1, 2016 Coke Sams, Bruce Arntson, J. Clarke Gallivan, Justin Lloyd Skizz Cyzyk, Scott Calonico
Eyes Wide Shut December 26, 2012 Alison Castle Love and Sex Lex
Eyes Without a Face July 5, 2016 Kate Ince Maitland McDonagh, Alexandra West
F for Fake (1973) August 26, 2020 Matthew Asprey Gear Peter Flynn, Spencer Parsons
Fade to Black (1980) October 9, 2019 Dennis Christopher, Irwin Yablans, Craig Safan, Tim Thomerson Heather Drain, Bill Ackerman
The Fall (2008) August 29, 2019 Maurice Bursztynski, Brian Hoyle
Fantastic Planet January 17, 2017 Vincenzo Natali, Jeffrey Babcock
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! January 3, 2017 Dean Defino, Jimmy McDonough Beth Accomando, Miguel Rodriguez
Fat City December 27, 2018 Stacy Keach Heather Drain, Jedidiah Ayres
Fellini Satyricon August 19, 2014 John Baxter Jim Tushinski
Fear and Loathing in the Projection Booth (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) July 1, 2015 Anita Thompson
Female Trouble March 11, 2014 Mink Stole Juniper Moore
Fiend Without a Face October 3, 2018 Maitland McDonagh, Troy Howarth
The Final Programme September 9, 2015 Michael Moorcock, Sarah Douglas Eric Cohen
The First Nudie Musical July 26, 2016 Bruce Kimmel Angela Mac, Trevor Gumbel
Flight to Fury June 8, 2011 Monte Hellman
Flooding with Love for First Blood, Son May 22, 2012 Ted Kotcheff, Zachary Oberzan, David Morrell, Garth Jennings
The Fly March 18, 2019 Emma Westwood, Stuart Cornfeld Bill Ackerman, Samm Deighan
For Y'ur Height Only March 12, 2013 Andrew Leavold
Forbidden Zone August 17, 2011 Richard Elfman
Forman Vs. Forman September 18, 2020 Helena Trestíková, Daniel Vadocký
Frankenhooker February 29, 2012 Frank Henenlotter
Freaked May 18, 2011 Alex Winter, Tom Stern, Tim Burns, Megan Ward, Lee Arenberg
Free Enterprise May 4, 2011 Robert Meyer Burnett
Freejack June 6, 2011 Fredric Fritz
The Friends of Eddie Coyle November 18, 2020 Eric J. Peterson, Andrew J. Rausch
Fright Night September 19, 2011 Tom Holland Bill Fulkerson
The Frighteners October 28, 2020 Grant Major, Jeffrey Combs Chris Stachiw, Jeff Meyers
The Frontier November 14, 2016 Oren Shai, Webb Wilcoxen Jared Case
Fruit of Paradise September 30, 2020 Kat Ellinger, Samm Deighan
Fuego (1969) February 26, 2020 Heather Drain, Rod Lott
Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD February 2, 2017 Paul Goodwin, Sean Hogan Josh Hadley
F/X Murder by Illusion January 29, 2019 Robert Mandel, Alan Ormsby, Cliff DeYoung Adam Schartoff, Jedidiah Ayres
The Getaway November 6, 2018 Maitland McDonagh, Aaron Carruthers
Get Carter December 30, 2015 Mike Hodges, George Armitage, Stephen Kay, John C. McGinley Eric Zaldivar, Maitland McDonagh
Get Rollin' February 15, 2019 Benjamin Buxton, Leon Chase
The Ghastly Love of Johnny X May 2, 2012 Paul Bunnell, Reggie Bannister, Will Keenan
Ghost Dog: The Way of Le Samouraï November 4, 2015 Tim Palmer, Sara Piazza Peter Rozovsky
Gingers Girls and Little Fishes April 19, 2014 Alexia Anastasio
Girl on a Broomstick September 1, 2021 Hermína Franková, Hanna Frank Kat Ellinger, Gil Kenan
Glengarry Glen Ross June 23, 2015 Ed Harris, James Foley Chris Stachiw
Go for Sisters November 7, 2013 John Sayles
Godzilla Vs. Kong April 3, 2021 Chris Stachiw
Gone in Sixty Seconds May 28, 2021 Chris Stachiw, El Goro
Good Hair October 8, 2013 Erica Murphy, David Humphries, Espy Thomas Jennifer Thomas
Goto, Island of Love (1964) April 22, 2020 Daniel Bird, Kat Ellinger
Grace of My Heart April 25, 2012 Illeana Douglas
The Greasy Strangler November 11, 2016 Jim Hosking Skizz Cyzyk
The Great Silence July 14, 2021 Maitland McDonagh, Ivo Ritzer
Gremlins August 13, 2013 Joe Dante Chris Cummins
Hackers July 16, 2013 Renoly Santiago, Iain Softley
Hair January 13, 2021 Michael Weller, Miles Chapin Gil Kenan, Lee Gambin
Hamburger: The Motion Picture December 2, 2014 Mike Marvin Stephen Sajdak
Hard Boiled May 5, 2021 Beth Accomando, Jess Byard
Hard to Be a God April 27, 2016 Daniel Bird Carol Borden, Travis Crawford
The Haunting of Julia September 25, 2012 Richard Loncraine, Peter Straub Kier-la Janisse
Häxan October 26, 2015 Robert Thurston
Head May 11, 2011 Eric Lefcowitz, Monte Hellman
Heaven April 1, 2019 Daniel Edwards, Jeremy Birchall, Chad Taylor David Kittredge, Spencer Parsons
Hickey & Boggs November 9, 2011 Richard Edwards, Joe Bannerman
The Hidden August 9, 2016 Jack Sholder Jamie Sammons, Eric J. Peterson
High & Low November 2, 2011 Coffin Jon
Highlander December 6, 2016 Russell Mulcahy, Gregory Widen Mike Thompson, Josh Hadley
Hit! February 13, 2014 Sidney J. Furie Daniel Kremer
Hit & Stay June 25, 2013 Joe Tropea, Skizz Cyzyk
The Hitcher March 14, 2012 Rutger Hauer, Robert Harmon Josh Johnson
Hollywood Bulldogs July 23, 2021 Jon Spira
The Holy Mountain July 8, 2014 Heatherleigh Navarre Stephen Scarlata
Homicidal October 1, 2015 Jeffrey Schwarz
An Honest Liar April 11, 2012 Justin Weinstein, Tyler Measom
Horrors of Malformed Men (1969) January 29, 2020 Jess Byard, Ben Buckingham
House July 12, 2016 Rob St. Mary, Miguel Rodriguez
House Party February 8, 2019 Reginald Hudlin Jay Scott Smith, Patrick Bromley
The Howling May 21, 2013 Joe Dante, Gary Brandner Josh Hadley
The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973) April 28, 2020 Jonathan Owen, Spencer Parsons
Hudson Hawk January 26, 2016 Daniel Waters Stephen Scarlata, Jamey Duvall
I Am Divine July 30, 2013 Jeffrey Schwarz, Mink Stole
I Am Not a Witch August 25, 2021 Samm Deighan, Spencer Seams
The Ice Harvest December 24, 2014 Scott Phillips
Idiocracy December 9, 2014 Luke Wilson Jeff Wattrick
'If..., O Lucky Man! & Britannia Hospital December 16, 2020 David Wood Jonathan Owen, Samm Deighan
In a Lonely Place November 18, 2014 Patrick McGilligan, Steven Rybin, Will Scheibel, Steve Anderson Jared Case
The Intruder January 20, 2017 Jason V. Brock Elric Kane, Chris Stachiw
Invasion of the Body Snatchers September 3, 2013 Mark McGee Jamie Jenkins
Is There Sex After Death? February 10, 2021 Jeanne Abel, Jenny Abel Skizz Cyzyk, Heather Drain
It Happened Here July 24, 2019 Peter Suschitzky Wynter Tyson, Caelum Vatnsdal
The Italian Connection November 30, 2011 Mike Malloy
Jaws (1975) August 28, 2020 Carl Gottlieb, Jamie LeMay Jamie Benning, Chris Sasser
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter April 8, 2014 Lee Demarbre, Ian Driscoll
Jodorowsky's Dune May 1, 2014 Stephen Scarlata
John Badham on Directing May 5, 2014 John Badham
The Joke (1969) September 18, 2019 Kat Ellinger, Spencer Parsons
Joysticks March 14, 2017 Greydon Clark, Jon Gries Chris Cummins, Heather Drain
Jubilee Hitchhiker July 10, 2012 William Hjortsberg
Juliet of the Spirits January 20, 2015 John Baxter Jim Tushinski
Kelly's Heroes April 7, 2021 John Landis, Stuart Margolin, Gavin MacLeod Samm Deighan, Bill Ackerman
Khrustalyov, My Car! May 19, 2021 Jonathan Brent, Guy Seligmann Gianna D’Emilio, Spencer Parsons
The Killer October 12, 2011 Kenneth Hall
Killer Party October 16, 2016 Barney Cohen Jim Laczkowski, Kat Ellinger
Kin-Dza-Dza (1986) December 25, 2019 Dan Martin, Jen Handorf
King of Comedy May 6, 2014 Shawn Anthony Levy Skizz Cyzyk
The King of Marvin Gardens June 17, 2014 Ellen Burstyn
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) April 15, 2020 Shane Black Jedidiah Ayres, Andrew Nette
Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park February 5, 2013 Terry Morse Jr., Ron Albanese
Knife in the Water (1962) April 1, 2020 Samm Deighan, Spencer Parsons
Krull July 17, 2019 Peter Suschitzky Samm Deighan, Noel Thingvall
L'Amour Fou (1969) March 11, 2020 Samm Deighan, Jonathan Owen
The Lady from Shanghai November 17, 2021 Spencer Parsons, Peter Flynn
Last Action Hero September 21, 2011 Sam U. Rai
Last Action Hero: Round Two October 28, 2011 Sam U. Rai
The Last Dragon January 5, 2016 Taimak, Christopher Murney, Mike Starr, Louis Venosta, Rupert Hitzig Julian Boyance, Chris Cummins
The Last Seduction March 19, 2013 John Dahl Christa Faust
The Last Starfighter December 31, 2011 Lance Guest, Catherine Mary Stewart Christopher Bricklemyer
The Last Temptation of Christ March 26, 2013 Michael Ballhaus, Darren J. N. Middleton
Last Year at Marienbad (1961) May 13, 2020 Samm Deighan, Jim Vendiola
Late August at the Hotel Ozone (1967) September 4, 2019 Rahne Alexander, Kat Ellinger
The Laughing Woman (1969) February 12, 2020 Kat Ellinger, Elric Kane
Le Corbeau (1943) May 20, 2020 Judith Mayne Ken Stanley, Kat Ellinger
Le Doulos (1962) May 6, 2020 Samm Deighan, Ken Stanley
The Legend of Boggy Creek May 29, 2012 Dave Coleman
Lemon Popsicle December 20, 2016 Boaz Davidson, Zachi Noy, Diane Franklin Oren Shai, Heather Drain
Let's Scare Jessica to Death October 14, 2014 John D. Hancock, Lee Kalcheim Cameron Cloutier
The Limey July 14, 2015 Mark Gallagher, Anthony Kaufman
Life of Brian August 12, 2014 Roger Christian, Will Yapp, Owen Harris, Ken Stanley
The Lion Has Seven Heads (1970) July 29, 2020 Chris Stachiw, Heather Drain
Lips of Blood (1973) May 27, 2020 Samm Deighan, Maitland McDonagh
Liquid Sky October 21, 2014 Slava Tsukerman Skizz Cyzyk
Logan's Run April 7, 2015 William F. Nolan, George Clayton Johnson Eric Cohen
Lone Wolf and Cub Saga December 31, 2016 Marc Walkow Geoff Todd, Axel Kohagen
The Long Goodbye November 27, 2018 Elliott Gould Terry Frost, Eric Cohen
Looker February 3, 2016 Marjorie Conrad, Heather Drain
Love and Death January 22, 2013 Keith Gordon
The Love Witch July 10, 2016 Anna Biller Heather Drain
Loves of a Blonde (1966) September 30, 2019 Samm Deighan, Kevin Heffernan
M April 23, 2019 Samm Deighan, Jamey Duvall
Macunaíma (1969) July 22, 2020 David Kittredge, Chris Stachiw
Mad Dog Time August 20, 2021 Larry Bishop, Dina Lipton Bryan Connolly, Andras Jones
Mad Max Series May 23, 2019 Roger Ward, Vernon Wells, Virginia Hey, Bruce Spence, Luke Buckmaster, Hugh Keays-Byrne Mike Thompson, Ben Buckingham,
The Mafu Cage September 14, 2016 Karen Arthur Kier-La Janisse, Josh Johnson
The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart (1970) June 3, 2020 Robert T. Westbrook, Linda Gillen, Brandon Maggart Daniel Kremer, Jarrod Labine
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