The Promise (Plus One album)

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The Promise
Studio album by Plus One
Released May 24, 2000
Recorded 1999-2000
Genre Teen pop
Length 44:25
Label Atlantic
Producer David Foster
Plus One chronology
The Promise
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Alternative cover
Singles from The Promise
  1. "Written on my Heart"
  2. "God Is In This Place"
  3. "Last Flight Out"
  4. "Here In My Heart"
  5. "Run To You"
  6. "Soul Tattoo"

The Promise is the debut album from Christian boy band Plus One. The album features the singles "Written On My Heart", "God Is In This Place", "Last Flight Out" and "Here In My Heart". The album was certified Gold in 2000.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Written On My Heart" Lewis, McKnight, White 3:48
2. "God Is In This Place" Lewis, Sillas 3:42
3. "The Promise" Lewis, Sillas 3:45
4. "My Life" Brown, Parker 3:33
5. "Soul Tattoo" Lacy, Palmer 3:08
6. "I Will Rescue You" Kotecha 3:57
7. "When Your Spirit Gets Weak" Kember, Powers, Vertelney 4:07
8. "Last Flight Out" Alexandra, Raymel Menefee 3:56
9. "Run To You" Cates, Muckala 3:20
10. "Be" Cole, Combs, Lacey, Norfleet, Spalter, Walters 3:52
11. "Here In My Heart" Derlatka, Leven 3:00
12. "My Friend" Lewis, Sillas 4:17
Total length: 44:25

Home video[edit]

A VHS release titled Plus One: The Home Video was released in 2001 to promote the Promise album.

Backstage Exclusive book[edit]

A book, titled Backstage Exclusive, was released in 2001, featuring full-colour photos and facts from Plus One.