The Prophecy (Defiance album)

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The Prophecy
Defiance The Prophecy.jpg
Studio album by Defiance
Released 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre Thrash metal
Length 40:10
Label Roadracer Records
Producer Defiance
Defiance chronology
Beyond Recognition
The Prophecy

The Prophecy is the 4th album by thrash metal band Defiance, released in 2009. Unlike the previous 2 albums, Void Terra Firma, and Beyond Recognition, the album is much more straight forward thrash metal, almost resemblant to Product of Society.

The album had some pretty lukewarm reviews by both critics and metal fans alike. For example, responded to this album with, "There will always be those bands out there who sadly failed to make the impact they deserved. Then again, there will also always be those C-level acts who feel the desperate need to reform and attempt to make good on the promise they never had in the first place. You could count the Bay Area’s Defiance—and their crippled “comeback” The Prophecy—as one of the latter." And said, "Yet another ‘Thrash Revival' album that contains a shitload of groove and yelling but very little actual Thrash."

The album also received favorable reviews for their efforts on what would ultimately be their last. A perfect example of this warmer reception by critics could be read in the review from late 2009, "The songs are all fine, from the fast opener ‘Prion’ to a more sophisticated approach in ‘The War Inside’ to the typical Bay Area metal-like 'Fuel The Fire’ and the instrumental ‘Eschaton’. ...Along with the excellent sound this results in yet another world class record." [1] A similar exert taken from the review by shows another positive option on the music, "Guitarist Adams is particularly impressive here, spinning out ferocious solos loaded with dive-bombs and distorted fretboard pyrotechnics, as Kaufmann and Hernandez ...crunch and rumble through the twists and turns of these riff-heavy compositions. The Prophecy doesn't take Defiance beyond the bounds of what they'd already accomplished on their unjustly forgotten earlier albums, but it doesn't tarnish their artistic legacy, either. Thrash veterans/diehards will love hearing these guys again, and retro-thrash youngsters should pay attention to how the older generation does it." [2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Prion" 3:21
2. "The Prophecy" 3:46
3. "Bastard Son" 4:36
4. "The War Inside" 4:27
5. "Fuel The Fire" 3:42
6. "Eschaton" 1:12
7. "Sloth" 3:24
8. "Desert Islands" 3:05
9. "Dissolving Around You" 4:52
10. "Asthmaphere" 3:44
11. "Eyes Of The Front" 4:08



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