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A prophet is a person who is believed to speak through divine inspiration.

Prophet or The Prophet may also refer to:


People referred to as "The Prophet" as a title[edit]

  • Capleton (born 1967), known as "The Prophet", Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist
  • The Prophet (musician) (born 1968), Dutch gabber and hardstyle DJ and producer
  • Muhammad (570s–632), also known as Al-Nabi (The Prophet), regarded by Muslims as the last prophet of God
  • Zoroaster (or Zarathushtra), founder of Zoroastrianism, sometimes referred to simply as "The Prophet"
  • Tenskwatawa (1775–1836), Shawnee leader called "The Prophet" or "The Shawnee Prophet"
  • Francis the Prophet (c.1770–1818), a leader of the Red Stick faction of Creek Native Americans
  • Wabokieshiek (ca. 1794 – ca. 1841), Ho-Chunk leader called "The Prophet" or "The Winnebago Prophet"
  • Russell M. Nelson (born 1924), President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, referred to as “The Prophet”
  • The Prophet (musician) (born 1968), Dutch gabber and hardstyle DJ and producer
  • The Prophet (rapper), hip-hop recording artist

Given name[edit]


Arts and entertainment[edit]


  • Prophet (comics), Image Comics character who first appeared in 1992
  • Prophet (Star Trek), alien race in the T.V. show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Prophets or San'Shyuum, royal rulers of the Covenant in the video games series Halo
  • Laurence "Prophet" Barnes, the leader of Raptor Team in the 2007 video game series Crysis


  • The Prophet, or Il profeta, 1968 Italian comedy directed by Dino Risi
  • A Prophet, 2009 French drama directed by Jacques Audiard
  • The Prophet (2014 film), 2014 animated film adapted from Kahlil Gibran's book The Prophet




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Other uses[edit]

  • Prophet (company), a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with operations in the United States and Europe that specializes in brand, marketing, design, innovation and analytics

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