O Profeta

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O Profeta
Created byIvani Ribeiro (adapted by Thelma Guedes e Duca Rachid)
Directed byMário Márcio Bandarra
StarringThiago Fragoso
Paola Oliveira
Dalton Vigh
Carol Castro
Fernanda Souza
Rodrigo Phavanello
Luís Gustavo
Vera Zimmermann
Maurício Mattar
Nívea Maria
Mauro Mendonça
Paula Burlamaqui
Rodrigo Faro
Fernanda Rodrigues
Juliana Didone
Daniel Ávila
Samara Felippo
Zezeh Barbosa
Opening theme"Além do Olhar"
Composer(s)Ivo Pessoa
Country of originBrazil
Original language(s)Portuguese
No. of episodes178
Running time45 minutes
Original networkRede Globo
Original releaseOctober 16, 2006 –
May 11, 2007
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O Profeta (The Prophet) was a Brazilian soap opera produced and aired by TV Globo between October 16, 2006 and May 11, 2007. The soap opera totaled 178 episodes.

The cast included Thiago Fragoso and Paola Oliveira as protagonists, Fernanda Souza, Rodrigo Phavanello, Juliana Didone and Daniel Ávila and co-starred Dalton Vigh, Carol Castro, Samara Felippo, Nívea Maria and Malvino Salvador as antagonists.


The central plot revolves around a handsome and charismatic man named Mark, who grew up with the gift of being completed. As a child, he predicted the completion of his brother, Lucas, but was unable to stop it. Mark went to São Paulo with his sister and his niece, unit 56. While living in São Paulo he fell in love with Sonia, a beautiful young woman, who was engaged to Mark’s cousin Camilo. Camilo worked at the industrial plant Golden Crystals, owned by millionaire Clovis. Carola was an overweight, chubby, and unattractive woman but was blessed with a good read.

Carola fell in love with Mark, and even though it was unrequited, she became a great friend of his. Mark earned a living by using his special powers on a television show. However, after Sonia stops her romance with Mark and is separated from him several times because of Ruth, she decides to marry Clovis, to forget about Mark. But she soon realizes that she still loves Mark after Clovis shows her a sick person that poisoned his first wife, Laura. Clovis knows that Mark and Sonia are in love with each other, and he keeps her under false imprisonment in the attic of his mansion in order to prevent her from escaping.

In addition to beating his wife and repeatedly threatening her, Clovis fails to impregnate her because of his infertility. The daughter, who blames Clovis, is the result of an extra-marital affair with a woman Clovis eventually killed. Because of the death of her mother, the daughter suffered a lot of anguish in life. In the new year, Mark and Sonia manage to escape and they spend a night of love on a beach for the first time together, and Sonia loses her virginity. But Clovis and Sonia once again go back to his house to threaten the life of his father, Piragibe. Some months later, Sonia discovers that she became pregnant with Mark at the end of the new year and needs to hide it from Clovis.

With the help of Carol and delegate Arnaldo Moreira, Sonia is rescued and moves in with Mark, which angers Clovis. Ruth helps Clovis by joining forces to manipulate Sonia and Mark in exchange for shares in the Golden Crystals plant. Mark is gradually forced to use his powers commercially, rather than for the benefit of others.

After numerous kidnappings of Sonia ordered by Clovis, he is eventually poisoned and killed by Ruth, who is caught at the end of the novel. Then, Mark, who began to use his gift properly, joins Sonia in marriage. Their son, named Daniel, born with the gift of healing, which he discovered in the last chapter of the novel, after a passage of 25 years, finds the cure for cancer.


Actor Character
Thiago Fragoso Marcos Oliveira
Paolla Oliveira Sônia Carvalho de Oliveira
Carol Castro Ruth Ribeiro de Sousa
Dalton Vigh Clóvis Moura
Fernanda Souza Carola Ribeiro de Sousa
Nívea Maria Maria Luísa Ribeiro de Souza (Lia)
Malvino Salvador Camilo de Oliveira
Juliana Didone Baby (Bárbara de Oliveira Nogueira)
Daniel Ávila Tony (Antônio Ribeiro de Souza)
Rodrigo Phavanello Arnaldo de Almeida Correa (Paspalho)
Vera Zimmermann Ester de Oliveira Nogueira
Maurício Mattar Henrique Nogueira
Laura Cardoso Abigail Gomes
Mauro Mendonça Francisco Gomes
Samara Felippo Wandinha (Wanda Carvalho)
Fernanda Rodrigues Gisele da Silva (Gigele)
Rodrigo Faro Tainha (Carlos Zucrini Gonçalves)
Paula Burlamaqui Teresa Ribeiro Guimarães Leite
Luciana Braga Sofia de Abranches Leite
Luís Gustavo Piragibe Carvalho
Zezeh Barbosa Deolinda Cardoso (Dedê)
Juliana Baroni Miriam Carvalho (Troféu)
Nuno Leal Maia Alceu Carvalho
Rosi Campos Rúbia da Silva/Madame Rúbia
Arlete Montenegro Filomena Moura Brandão
Carolina Kasting Laura Moura
Rosina Lobosco Joana
Jandir Ferrari Delegate Régis Moreira
Mário Gomes Ernesto da Silva
Luigi Baricelli Flávio Leite
Ana Lúcia Torre Hilda Vieira
Neusa Maria Faro Teodora Sanches
Andréa Avancini Edite Zucrini Gonçalves
Hugo Gross Jonas (Joílson/Joélson)
Thiago Luciano Paulito (Paulo Gomes)
Armando Babaioff Matheus Carvalho de Oliveira
Vitória Pina Natália Cardoso
Caroline Smith Ana Lúcia Moura Alencar (Analu)
Luana Dandara Margarida
Simone Soares Zélia Salvador
José D'Artagnan Jr Gilberto Eiras
Renato Rabello Genésio
Genézio de Barros Priest Olavo Oliveira
Júlia Ruiz Marília
Júlia Matos Rosa
Orã Figueiredo Renato Salvador
Renan Ribeiro Benjamin
Guilherme Vieira Zeca
Caroline Molinari Júlia
Licurgo Spínola Dr. Michel Garambone
Cris Vianna Professora Gilda
Marcela Monteiro Dóris
Luca de Castro Tarcísio Gomes
Rogério Falabella Dr. Diógenes Fonseca
Gabriel Canella Isaías

Special participation[edit]

Actor Character
Gisele Itié Sabine Levy
Henrique Ramiro Lucas Oliveira
Simone Spoladore Luci Carvalho
Débora Olivieri Julieta
Edward Boggis Pelópidas
Renata Castro Barbosa Cida
Sérgio Mamberti spiritual guide of Marcos
Castro Gonzaga Dr. Klaus Becker
Mônica Torres Marisa Monettia
Tarciana Saad Rebeca
Wagner Molina Raj Ahad
Nicette Bruno Dona Cleide
Vera Holtz Ana de Oliveira
Stênio Garcia Jacó de Oliveira
Gabriel Moura Marcos (child)

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