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Season 9
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No. of episodes24
Original networkNBC
Original releaseSeptember 25, 2001 (2001-09-25) –
May 21, 2002 (2002-05-21)
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The ninth season of Frasier was a 24-episode season that ran from September 2001 to May 2002, beginning on September 25, 2001. The opening title screen color was changed to a gradient of orange to white.



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U.S. viewers
1931"Don Juan in Hell"Kelsey GrammerSam Johnson & Chris MarcilSeptember 25, 2001 (2001-09-25)90119.55[1]
1942Lori Kirkland902

Frasier and his family are still with Claire (Patricia Clarkson) in Belize. Niles and Martin think Claire is wonderful (although Daphne resents this), but Frasier is troubled by a dream he had about Lana (Jean Smart), and wonders if he is with the right woman. On returning to Seattle, he meets a man (Brian Kerwin) at a lost luggage office who is torn between two women, and who asks Frasier's advice as a psychiatrist. Frasier says he must consider whom he would spend the rest of his life with, prompting him to choose his ex-wife over his new woman. This sets Frasier thinking, and on returning to his apartment he finds Claire and breaks up with her, to the indignation of the rest of his family (and also Daphne, surprisingly). He then attends Kirby's (Brian Klugman) graduation party with Roz, hoping to discuss his feelings with Lana, but is astonished when the man from the luggage office also turns up. It turns out that this man, Bob, is Kirby's father, who left Lana for his dental hygienist. Now he wants her back, acting on Frasier's advice. Lana throws him out, and then retires to her bedroom. Kirby begs Frasier to talk to her, and in the end he takes the honorable course by advising Lana to talk to Bob, since she clearly still has feelings for him. Returning home later in a state of distress, Frasier finds his family totally unsympathetic, and something Martin says particularly upsets him: "It's not easy coming up with happy talk every time you can't make it work with a woman." Frasier takes a drive by himself to think about this, and his thoughts manifest themselves on screen as a discussion between him, his former partners Diane (Shelley Long), ex-wives Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth), and Nanette Guzman (Dina Spybey), and even his late mother (Rita Wilson), as he searches for a reason why his relationships often fail. Before the search is over, he is confronted with a crowd consisting of "every woman [he] ever dated".

This episode was dedicated to show writer/creator David Angell and his wife Lynn, who died aboard American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11, 2001.
1953"The First Temptation of Daphne"Kelsey GrammerGayle AbramsOctober 2, 2001 (2001-10-02)90416.47[2]
While looking for a recipe in Niles' briefcase for him, Daphne mistakenly opens a file containing case notes for one of his patients. She discovers that this woman, Heather (Michelle Stafford), is in love with Niles. He explains that transference is common among psychiatric patients, but also insists that he cannot discuss any specific case. Daphne, however, is tormented by curiosity, and Roz encourages her to find out more about this woman, even going so far to visit her at her work. This involves another visit into Niles' briefcase, entailing a breach of confidentiality that could jeopardise his entire career if it were known. Martin returns from a fruitless hunting trip, and Frasier is horrified to discover that he has unknowingly brought a cricket with him into the apartment. They cannot catch it, but they can always hear it. Anxious to avoid any solution involving dangerous chemicals, for Eddie's sake, Martin suggests using a gecko as a predator, using floss to pull it back once the hunt is done. The plan works and the gecko eats the cricket, though Frasier and Martin work out that the way it was chirping, it was attracting a mate, and there may be another.
1964"The Return of Martin Crane"David LeeDan O'Shannon & Bob DailyOctober 9, 2001 (2001-10-09)90515.10[3]

Martin is about to start a new job as a security guard, and the occasion dredges up memories of the fateful day years ago when he was shot. These memories appear in flashback: while out on patrol with his partner Frank (Tom Irwin), he pleads with Martin to pull into a convenience store so he could get a slushie. Martin ultimately gives in and pulls into the parking lot of a store that was being robbed. Martin walked in at the wrong time and got shot. Frasier has ordered a special congratulatory cake, which Roz delivers. Meanwhile, Niles has bought Daphne tickets to a Billy Joel concert for that evening, and she has bought him tickets to a festival of Mongolian throat-singing, also for that evening. This means they have to decide which to attend, so Niles offers Frasier the tickets to the throat-singing concert. Martin then points out that someone has to walk Eddie at 10pm, so as he prepares to leave for work, the others discuss (and argue) who should do this job. When Roz arrives with the cake, she finds herself drawn into the argument.

Guest Caller: Anthony Edwards as Tom
1975"Love Stinks"Katy GarretsonSaladin K. PattersonOctober 16, 2001 (2001-10-16)90615.48[4]
Frasier feels dejected one morning when he discovers a graffiti poem about him on the restroom wall at work, calling him a snob. He decides to host a party for the entire station in an attempt to get to know everyone better. He asks Roz to invite her new boyfriend, Roger (Tony Goldwyn), but she claims that she thinks Roger would be uncomfortable with the people at the party. When Frasier asks whether this has anything to do with Roger’s occupation (waste collector), Roz tersely denies having any problem. She later changes her mind, but closely watches Roger at the party and cuts in quickly every time his profession is mentioned in conversation. When Roger overhears Roz saying to Kenny that not everyone has a job they are proud of, he promptly leaves. After the party, Frasier has made friends with everyone, but he rues this new popularity among people with whom he has nothing in common, and wants things to be back the way they were. Meanwhile Roz feels upset after the break-up with Roger and admits to still being in love with him, although she cannot get past the issue of his job.
1986"Room Full of Heroes"Wil ShrinerEric ZicklinOctober 30, 2001 (2001-10-30)90315.41[5]
Frasier is holding a Halloween fancy-dress party, which he is attending dressed as Sigmund Freud; the theme is that the guests arrive dressed as their personal heroes. Martin is dressed as Joe DiMaggio, Daphne as Elton John, and Roz arrives dressed as Wonder Woman, claiming she thought it was a superhero theme party. Niles arrives last, dressed as Martin, who is thrilled and touched by the gesture. But Frasier is aghast and feels that Niles is blatantly attempting to show him up and curry favour with Martin. Frasier has devised a party game: in character as their hero, each player draws a slip of paper with a question or situation, and must act out their hero's response in character. Its appeal wanes fast, and the party degenerates into drinking. Frasier, seeing his thoroughly-planned game fall apart, angrily storms out. He then has to confront the children of the building, who call him "Old Man Crane" and believe that he eats people's brains.
1997"Bla-Z-Boy"Robert H. EganJon ShermanNovember 6, 2001 (2001-11-06)90714.47[6]
Over breakfast one morning, Martin happens to comment to Frasier that the day marks the eighth anniversary of the day that Martin moved in with him. The revelation makes Frasier unusually touchy, especially towards his father. His temper worsens when Martin accidentally spills oil over the carpet when trying to remedy a squeak in his recliner; Frasier irrationally views the accident as a deliberate act of hostility on Martin's part. He moves the furniture onto the balcony while the carpet is replaced, and the chair, positioned underneath a telescope in direct sunlight, catches fire. When the brothers notice, their efforts to put it out only serve to knock the chair off the balcony. Ill-disposed to take a positive view of the situation after Frasier's recent behaviour, Martin angrily accuses him of deliberately destroying the chair in retaliation. When the hostility between father and son reaches the point where the two are no longer speaking, Niles decides to use his experience as a couples therapist to mediate. Frasier has an exact, new replica of Martin's old chair built. Daphne has expressed an interest in playing the piano, so Niles offers to give her lessons. He also agrees to teach Roz, who picks up the technique much more quickly than Daphne. Niles is willing to persevere with Daphne, until he hears that she has been taught before, and her last teacher committed suicide.
2008"The Two Hundredth Episode"David LeeRob HanningNovember 13, 2001 (2001-11-13)90819.27[7]

Frasier is celebrating two thousand editions of his show at KACL, with a guest appearance from Bill Gates, who ends up taking several calls about Microsoft products. Returning home afterward, Frasier opens a bedroom cupboard full of cassette tape recordings of his shows. Just after adding the two thousandth edition to his collection, he notices that one of the other cases is upside down, and on closer examination, finds that it contains a Hall & Oates tape. He calls in Niles, Martin and Daphne to find out who is responsible. Daphne confesses that she borrowed the tape and accidentally broke it. This prompts Frasier to broadcast an appeal to anyone who has a recording of the missing show. Niles becomes worried how the incomplete nature of his brother's collection is affecting him; staying in, sleeping late, not dressing. Frasier insists that he is quirky rather than obsessed. When station listener Tom (Adam Arkin) calls in to say he has a taped copy of the episode Frasier, he and Niles get a first-hand experience of fan obsession.

Guest Callers: Larry Gelbart as Joel; Allison Janney as Phyllis; Jennifer Jason Leigh as Estelle; Bobby Short as Warren
SPESPE"200th Special Outtakes"Kelsey GrammerUnknownNovember 13, 2001 (2001-11-13)TBA19.28[7]
Bob Costas hosts the Frasier cast as they reminisce on outtakes from the show's past 200 episodes.
2019"Sharing Kirby"Kelsey GrammerHeide PerlmanNovember 20, 2001 (2001-11-20)90916.38[8]
Frasier and Roz are interviewing candidates for an internship at KACL. Kirby Gardner appears unexpectedly, and Frasier is worried when Kenny seems to favour him for the job. He has a quiet word in Kirby's ear, pretending that he has not been offered the job, but promises to find him another position. Soon afterwards, learning that Niles has acquired a case of Château Haut-Brion that he refuses to share, Frasier suggests his brother employ Kirby to help rearrange his library, as a form of revenge. Niles does so, and is horrified at the chaos that ensues. However, he then learns that Kirby knows the grand-daughter of the reclusive William Mulvehill, the owner of an impressive wine collection. He persuades Kirby to call on his behalf, and he discovers that Mulvehill will allow one visitor to the wine cellar. Frasier soon finds out about this, and the brothers subsequently compete at doing favors for Kirby, in the hope of being selected as that visitor.
20210"Junior Agent"Scott EllisBob DailyNovember 27, 2001 (2001-11-27)91016.42[9]

The Seattle radio airwaves have a new star psychiatrist: Dr. Zach (Chris Berg), a doctor from whom Frasier differs entirely. Dr. Zach's brand of radio is, as Frasier describes it, "suggestive smarmy sleaze", but it has become very popular. Kenny suggests Frasier emulate him a little to improve the ratings. Frasier prefers the idea of raising the advertising budget; Kenny disagrees. This prompts Frasier to contact his agent Bebe Glazer (Harriet Sansom Harris), but upon arriving at her office, he learns that her newest client is Dr. Zach himself. She passes Frasier on to her former assistant, Portia Sanders (Kristin Chenoweth), who has become a "full-fledged junior agent". Frasier refuses and storms out angrily, deciding to end his association with Bebe's agency. However, he finds Portia very persistent, determined to prove her abilities to him. Meanwhile, he is disappointed not to have any more offers from agents, so considers representing himself. Martin attempts to avoid a medical examination by asking Niles to write a prescription for him. Niles refuses to violate his ethics, so Martin devises a plan by which he hopes to force his hand.

Guest Callers: Pat Boone as Garth; Cherry Jones as Janet
20311"Bully for Martin"Stuart RossEric ZicklinDecember 11, 2001 (2001-12-11)91114.04[10]

Frasier discovers that Martin's supervisor at work, Rich (M. Emmet Walsh), is treating him badly, being unnecessarily bossy and disrespectful. It upsets Frasier to see his father in this situation, even though Martin insists that it does not bother him, because he respects the chain of command. Frasier decides to speak to the owner of the security company (Robert Picardo), who also happens to be Rich's son, and in order to ensure that their conversation remains confidential, he agrees to hire a bodyguard on a trial basis from the company. Unfortunately, this seems to do more harm than good, when Rich receives a reprimand from his son and assumes that Martin went over his head to complain. Meanwhile, Roz is boring everyone by talking endlessly about how well her relationship with Roger is going. It reaches the point where, no matter how obscure the topic of conversation, she can always turn it back to Roger. Eventually Niles, although he disapproves of his brother's meddling in Martin's business, agrees to help him solve the problem by confronting Rich, just to get away from listening to Roz. This backfires as they hide in the janitors closet to escape Martin's sight as they didn't want him to know. Martin and Rich discover them in the closet via security cameras and have a little good-matured ribbing about how their kids are always meddling in their lives. Martin gets back at Frasier and Niles for their meddling by calling them and, with Rich's help, gets "stuck" at the desk for five hours.

Guest Caller: Andy García as Terrance
20412"Mother Load"Sheldon EppsLori KirklandJanuary 8, 2002 (2002-01-08)91214.31[11]
20513January 15, 2002 (2002-01-15)91313.78[12]
Frasier is furious when he finds his parking space in Elliott Bay Towers encroached upon by the new SUV belonging to Cam Winston (Brian Stokes Mitchell), his neighbor and nemesis. He takes the case to the condo board, and is delighted when his impassioned oration persuades them to rule that Cam must park in the sub-basement. However, Cam lives in the apartment above Frasier's, and he devises a suitable method of revenge, involving the American flag. Niles asks Daphne to move in with him, and she eagerly accepts, but when she receives a phonecall from her mother announcing an impending visit, she asks that the move be postponed. When Gertrude Moon (Millicent Martin) arrives, Niles discovers why: she still believes Daphne to be a virgin. Rather than bring her husband, Gertrude turns up with Simon (Anthony LaPaglia), Daphne's brother. For the next few days, both Crane brothers have a terrible time to endure, as Gertrude stays with Niles and Simon with Frasier.
Daphne's father has walked out, and all her brothers except Simon support him. Her mother, Gertrude, continues to stay with Niles, but eventually Frasier grows tired of hosting Simon and throws him out. After unsuccessfully asking Roz for help, Simon decides to go and visit some friends in California, leaving Daphne to look after her mother. Daphne is already getting tired of entertaining Gertrude's delusion that she is still a virgin, and when her mother responds to the news of Simon's departure by commending his independence, Daphne finally loses patience. Cam Winston has completely obscured Frasier's view out of his apartment by hanging an American flag down over the balcony. Frasier is determined to take the case to the condo board, even though Martin warns him that any action he takes will just come across as an insult to the flag. At the subsequent and farcical meeting, Cam Winston responds to each of Frasier's complaints with professions of heartfelt patriotism, and receives enthusiastic approval from everyone else. In the end, Cam offers Frasier a deal: in return for moving the flag, he wants Frasier's parking space.
20614"Juvenilia"Katy GarretsonSam Johnson & Chris MarcilJanuary 22, 2002 (2002-01-22)91414.76[13]

Kenny announces to Frasier and Roz that some recent research into KACL listeners shows that Frasier's average listener is an older gentleman who keeps the radio on for company. He suggests Frasier reach out to the youth, by appearing on Teen Scene; Frasier, who appeared once before on that show, refuses initially, but when approached for an autograph by a young woman working for a hospice, he reluctantly consents. The representative of the Teen Scene panel whom he meets first, Emily, seems very intelligent and pleasant. Things change drastically when the show starts, and the panel asks Frasier numerous probing questions about his personal life. Fortunately, Kirby Gardner, who went to the same school as the panel members, is on hand to help out by providing Frasier with embarrassing information about the trio, and Frasier enacts his revenge against Teen Scene, embarrassing all three of them. Meanwhile, Niles decides to steal a street sign with Daphne's name on it as a romantic gesture. Daphne discovers that Martin kissed a woman named Peg (Lindsay Crouse) at a work party, and although he insists that it was nothing special, he spends a few days waiting by the telephone in case she calls.

Guest Caller: Freddie Prinze Jr. as Mike
20715"The Proposal"Wil ShrinerRob HanningFebruary 5, 2002 (2002-02-05)91518.99[14]
Niles is planning to propose to Daphne, and he wants everything to be just perfect. Frasier helps him to choose a ring; Roz advises him on what (and what not) to say; and even Martin takes part in the wine-tasting, although after several glasses he discovers why, when Niles asks him to take Daphne's mother out for the evening. He reluctantly agrees, and has to spend the evening fending off Gertrude's amorous advances. Meanwhile, while Frasier and Niles are arranging everything at Niles' apartment, and Wolfgang Puck is preparing dinner for them, Daphne arrives in a terrible state and announces that she has the flu. Suddenly, Frasier has to smuggle numerous participants out of the apartment unseen, but Niles soon realises that the event itself need not be postponed. Ultimately, Niles proposes to Daphne and she accepts, and they both spend time together despite her being ill.
20816"Wheels of Fortune"Jerry ZaksKen Levine & David IsaacsFebruary 26, 2002 (2002-02-26)91717.78[15]
Lilith's half-brother, Blaine Sternin (played by Michael Keaton), has come to Seattle. Frasier remembers him as an expert con-man, who sold him futures in kelp and stole a valuable salt server from him years ago. He is now resolutely determined not to fall for any more scams. Blaine turns up at his door in a wheelchair, announcing that he had a car accident which left him paralysed from the waist down. He claims to have had a deep religious conversion and seen the error of his ways, and to be working now as a preacher. He returns the salt server and asks Frasier for forgiveness. Niles, Martin and Daphne are all convinced, but not Frasier, and he refuses to rest until everyone else realises what a charlatan this man is. After he embarrasses himself trying to prove Blaine is a fake, Frasier concedes and forgives him, only to find out later that his instincts were right and that Blaine was faking the whole time when he finds an empty wheelchair outside his apartment.
20917"Three Blind Dates"Kelsey GrammerGayle AbramsMarch 5, 2002 (2002-03-05)91814.43[16]
Niles, Daphne and Roz feel sorry for Frasier when he tells them that he will be attending an art exhibition alone one evening. They realise that he has not had a proper relationship since Claire, and conspire to see if they can find suitable women for him to date. Niles suggests a former patient of his, Lisa (Bellamy Young), who has several interests in common with Frasier. He tries to engineer circumstances in which they could meet by chance, taking Frasier along to the bookstore which she owns, but without success. Roz then brings an artistic friend of hers called Susanna (Allison Janney) to dinner at Frasier's apartment, but she and Frasier have a disagreement over the work of Benjamin Locklear. Finally, Martin puts Frasier in touch with a young woman called Kris (Bridgette Wilson), whom Frasier finds very attractive, but during their pre-dinner drinks at her favourite bar she starts playing pool with some friends and her attention disappears from Frasier almost completely. It is only when she sends him next door to get some change that his fortunes begin to improve.
21018"War of the Words"Sheldon EppsSaladin K. PattersonMarch 12, 2002 (2002-03-12)91614.85[17]

Frederick is due to compete in the National Spelling Championship, and Frasier has been training him very thoroughly, even in stance and diet. Frederick does extremely well in the spelling bee, and is crowned National Champion. However, the parents of the runner-up notice an anomaly when watching the recording: it seems that Frasier was unconsciously mouthing the letters of the final word as Frederick spelled it out. The trophy is then reawarded to the runner-up, Warren Clayton, but Frederick and Frasier are still invited to the finalists' banquet, where they are subjected to taunts and accusations of cheating. Frederick will not tolerate his father being called a cheater, and challenges Warren to a rematch.

Guest Caller: Naomi Judd as Lillian
21119"Deathtrap"Kelsey GrammerJon ShermanApril 2, 2002 (2002-04-02)91914.18[18]
The first scene of this episode is a flashback to Frasier and Niles as schoolchildren, stealing a skull from the school science laboratory to use in a production of Hamlet. The Cranes' old family house is up for sale, and Frasier and Niles decide to pay it another visit, wondering if it would be worth purchasing and turning into a bed and breakfast. The owner, Mr. Lasskopf (Hal Landon Jr.), has no memory of them, but Martin remembers that he never returned their security deposit. The brothers soon realise that the house is too small to be a bed and breakfast, but then they remember that there is a memory chest hidden under a loose floorboard, so they return secretly after dark to find it. First, however, they find a human skull, and leap to the conclusion that they have stumbled upon an unsolved murder, involving Mrs. Lasskopf.
21220"The Love You Fake"Katy GarretsonSam Johnson & Chris MarcilApril 9, 2002 (2002-04-09)92414.13[19]
Frasier's feud with Cam Winston has reignited after a leak in Frasier's apartment has been traced to Cam's washer dryer, leading Frasier to bribe the building's handyman to cut off Cam's water supply. Cam then comes down to complain, and seeing Eddie rather unwell and discovering Frasier's dislike of him, suggests that his mother, a vet who happens to be staying with him, could help out. Everyone gets along well with Cam's mother, except Frasier, who sees it as consorting with the enemy. Cam is none too pleased either at his mother talking to someone from Frasier's apartment. Martin and Cam's mother decide the time has come for Frasier and Cam to reconcile, so they decide to pretend they are a couple. This causes Frasier and Cam to come to some agreement via a treaty. Niles is conducting an experiment with a new contraption (the Segway), and is annoying everyone by refusing to share it. Daphne wants a washer dryer in the apartment.
21321"Cheerful Goodbyes"Sheldon EppsHeide PerlmanApril 30, 2002 (2002-04-30)92215.82[20]

Frasier, Martin, Niles and Daphne are in Boston for a conference that Frasier and Niles will attend. They encounter Frasier's old friend Cliff Clavin (John Ratzenberger) at the airport bar, who thinks Frasier is in town for his retirement party before he moves to Florida, and end up going along to the party with him before dinner. The only ones not in attendance are Sam (who is using the bar for a Red Sox reunion party), Woody (who is out with his wife Kelly and their child), Rebecca, and Diane (the latter two aren't mentioned). Martin hits it off with fellow beer lover Norm Peterson (George Wendt). Both are able to correctly figure out the other's preferred method of beer consumption by their handshake, and they swap beer stories. Daphne meets Cliff, and takes all of his erroneous trivial facts and stories at face value. Niles is the only person not having a good time; he has to prepare an introduction for Frasier's speech, and must continually postpone a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant. Niles's mood changes, though, when Carla (Rhea Perlman) begins telling him of all the pranks and jokes that she and the others used to play on Frasier. Eventually, Cliff confides in Frasier, saying that he does not believe any of his supposed friends actually care that he plans to leave town. When Cliff leaves for a walk around the block, Frasier shares this news, and inspires everyone to deliver speeches in Cliff's honor. Everything is going well... until Carla, after years of frustration at Cliff's chatter, snaps. She goes on a long rant, discussing how joyous she is that he is finally leaving, and claims that the past few years of her life would have been more enjoyable had she been "covered in open sores and thrown into a pit of starving rats!" Upon hearing this, Cliff pauses... and announces that only a true friend would make such a wonderful, humorous speech. He decides that he cannot leave such good friends, and opts to stay in Boston! This naturally infuriates Carla, who tries to shoot Cliff with a speargun he received as a present while the others try their best to restrain her.

Guest Caller: Rufus Wainwright as Jeremy
21422"Frasier Has Spokane"Wil ShrinerEric ZicklinMay 7, 2002 (2002-05-07)92013.56[21]

Frasier's show has been picked up by a station in Spokane, and he excitedly announces that he and Roz have been invited there by the station to do their first show from Spokane. Once off air, he also learns from Roz that she and Roger have broken up. Frasier wants to help, but Roz says she is OK about it. Once in Spokane, Frasier appears at a press conference to introduce himself and Roz to the local media. During this conference the reporters are obnoxious and condescending as they say that he will probably never be able to live up to local icon Neil Sullivan (affectionately known as Sully by the locals). When Sully (Bill Hayes) arrives to make a final appearance and to wish Frasier luck the reporters give a dramatic final send-off. Things do not go too smoothly during Frasier's show either; every caller wants him to go back to Seattle, with some deciding to boycott the station until Sully comes back on the air. Frasier is determined to show the local audience his brand of therapy can help, and so convinces Roz to call in with a problem. Originally Roz improvises and says she is afraid of the dark. But Frasier delves deeper into the problem and this soon develops into him resolving Roz's feeling of loss and emptiness over the break-up with Roger. Meanwhile, Martin, Niles and Daphne work together to try to build a TV table. Earlier in the episode when Martin expresses his desire to build the TV table, Niles recalls his childhood hatred of building things with Martin as Martin was never any good. But in a turn of events Daphne is the real bossy one and not only upsets Niles but Martin also.

Guest Callers: Scott Hamilton as Caller #1; Daryl Hannah as Caller #2; Olympia Dukakis as Caller #3; Keith Carradine as Carl
21523"The Guilt Trippers (Part 1)"Wil ShrinerLori KirklandMay 14, 2002 (2002-05-14)92117.23[22]
It is Daphne's birthday which culminates in everyone giving Daphne her presents: Frasier and Martin buy her a journal, while Niles surprises her with a trip to Hawaii for just the two of them. Daphne's mother's constant moaning leads to Daphne wanting to change her birthday wish. After the party, Roz does not want to go home, as she would be alone; Alice is at her grandmother's. This leads to Frasier and Roz spending the evening in conversation. However, both of them get a shock the next morning when they realize they slept together. Frasier tries to get Roz to talk about what happened, but she wants to leave as quickly as possible. After listening to Daphne feeling sad about the fact that her father will not be able to give her away at her wedding, Niles has a brainstorm. He asks Daphne to take her mother to Hawaii to try to cheer her up. There is a method to his madness: he is planning to fly to England and try to convince Daphne's father to come to Seattle and reconcile with Daphne's mother. Frasier, meanwhile, is worried that Roz's refusal to discuss what happened between them will endanger their relationship, so on hearing that Roz has gone to Wisconsin to attend her family reunion, he decides to fly there and see her. So Martin drops Daphne and her mother off at the airport, followed by Niles, then Frasier. He stays at home with a new robot dog for company, although only Eddie seems to be able to make it respond to commands. Roz's family mistakes Frasier for Roger and Roz is surprised by his sudden arrival. Finding a moment to themselves, the two talk things out about their relationship and how good friends would do anything to keep them in their lives. At the same time, Niles finds Daphne's father, Harry (Brian Cox), drunk in a pub.
21624"Moons Over Seattle (Part 2)"Sheldon EppsBob DailyMay 21, 2002 (2002-05-21)92316.50[23]
Niles has flown to Manchester and located Daphne's father, Harry Moon. He attempts to persuade Harry to come to America with him and reconcile with his wife. Harry throws Niles out of the pub six times, and each time Niles tries again. Eventually, Harry agrees to go with him to see Daphne (partially motivated by the fact Niles is willing to pay for the plane ticket, which he ensures is first-class). When Daphne and her mother return from their Hawaiian trip, Daphne is delighted to see her father, but Gertrude is furious and upset. Niles tells Daphne that he had to go and fetch Harry, and Daphne reacts angrily because he never consulted with her first. Still, Niles is determined to keep trying to reunite her parents, and arranges for them to have an expensive dinner together at Chez Henri. The occasion, after a promising start, ends in disaster, and Harry decides to return to England, while Gertrude plans to make her permanent home in America. Daphne begins to lose faith in the idea of true love, but Harry assures her that she's met the right man in Niles and tells her how persistent he was in persuading him to visit. Overwhelmed by how much he is prepared to do to make her wishes come true, Daphne shows up on Niles' doorstep late that night and asks him to marry her immediately. Without a word, Niles leads her out of the apartment.


  1. ^ Janney also played caller Phyllis in the eighth episode.
  2. ^ Also credited as a special guest in two episodes.


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