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A proposition is a statement expressing something true or false.[1][2]

Proposition may also refer to:

In logic and mathematics[edit]

  • Propositional calculus (also propositional logic or sentential calculus) - a formal system in which formulae representing propositions can be manipulated. Contrast with Predicate calculus.
  • Logic: In logic a proposition is a statement that is either true or false.
  • Theorem#Terminology: a statement proven to be true, usually a simple result, less important than a theorem.

In philosophy[edit]

  • Proposition (philosophy): in philosophy "proposition" can mean a statement, the meaning of that statement, or the family of universes in which that statement is true.

In political science[edit]

In the scientific method[edit]

In culture[edit]


Something is proposed if it is brought up for discussion.

Purported, purport, purports[edit]

Something is 'purported' if it is 'said by some people to be real or true, but not proved to be real or true'.[3]

  • So 'purported', 'purport', and 'purports' currently redirect here because of the similarity that a proposition can be either true or false.
  • 'purported' can also mean 'alleged' - see Allegation
  • 'purported' can also mean 'claimed' - see Claim, and Claim (legal)
  • 'purported' can also mean 'asserted' - see Logical assertion, and the fallacy Proof by assertion
  • 'purported', 'purport', and 'purports' originally redirected to the disambiguation article 'Meaning', perhaps because of the expression 'purported meaning'


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