The Protoform Sessions

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The Protoform Sessions
Soundtrack album by
Vince DiCola
Label3H Enterprises

The Protoform Sessions is a soundtrack by composer Vince DiCola. It was first released at the BotCon 2001 convention exclusive. But, it is now commercially available to buy. The album is a collection of early demos, out-takes and alternative themes from The Transformers: The Movie music score. Included are intro tracks called "Transitions" that include commentary by Vince DiCola himself. As he explains, these early recordings were produced with instrumentation that was of lower quality than that which would be heard in the final film.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Greetings from Vince
  2. Unicron's Theme (demo)
  3. Transition #1
  4. TF:TM Title Theme (Ed Fruge version)
  5. Transition #2
  6. TF:TM Title Theme (Gary Falcone version)
  7. Transition #3
  8. Attack on the Shuttle (demo)
  9. Transition #4
  10. Matrix Theme
  11. Transition #5
  12. Dare (Gary Falcone demo)
  13. Transition #6
  14. Escape (demo)
  15. Transition #7
  16. No Mercy (unused TFTM song piece)
  17. Transition #8
  18. Evil Decepticon Theme (unused TFTM song piece)
  19. Transition #9
  20. Legacy (demo)
  21. Transition #10
  22. Gone Fishin' Suite
  23. Transition #11
  24. Attack on the Shuttle (BotCon 1997 concert rehearsal version)
  25. Transition #12
  26. Death of Optimus Prime Suite (BotCon 1997 concert rehearsal version)
  27. Transition #13
  28. Dare Suite (BotCon 1997 concert rehearsal version)

Hidden extras[edit]

  • After the "Dare Suite", there is a hidden extra suite performance of the Rocky IV score tracks, "War" and "Montage".