The Prozacs

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The Prozacs
OriginWestfield, Massachusetts
GenresPop punk, punk rock
Years active2001 – Present
LabelsOut Loud! Records, Cheapskate Records, Cabana 1 Records, Pop-A-Pill Records, Knowhere Records, Irresponsible Records, No Breaks Records, Voodoo Doll Records, Jerk off Records
MembersJay Gauvin (J Prozac)
Jimmy Craig
Paul Basile

The Prozacs are an American pop punk band formed in 2001 by Jay Gauvin (aka J Prozac).[1] The band has appeared at events such as Insubordination Fest[2] and Vans Warped Tour[3], and released four studio albums, several splits and EP'S on various independent labels.


The band's first album “Thanks For Nothing” was recorded and then released on May 16, 2003.[4] Their first EP “Monsters Night Out” was released in 2004 on Cheapskate Records.[5] The band released a split 7-Inch with Johnie 3 in early 2005 entitled “Turntable Not Included”.[6] In 2005, a live album was recorded at CBGB in New York City.[7]

The Prozacs released another split with Johnie 3 entitled “We Should Split” in March 2006.[8] The band also played the first Insubordination Fest in Baltimore in 2006.[9] During the tour leading up to Insub Fest, the band played with The Apers and The Leftovers. After the last show, Matty Prozac was hospitalized with a ruptured spleen, due to drinking too much.[10]

In March 2007 the band's sophomore album “Questions, Answers, And Things Never Found” was released[11], followed by the release of “Stickin' With It” which was a split with New Hampshire punk band The Guts.[12] The band released their 3rd full-length album, 'Playing The Chords We Love' which was released on CD by Cheapskate Records in 2008.[13]

They recorded a split 7-Inch with The McRackins called “Somebody Out There Loves Us”.[14] In July 2010, they released a split with Italian punk band Super White Garlic, entitled “Broken Smiles”.[15]

In 2015, the band did another split, this time with Darlington.[16] In 2016, The Prozacs released a six song EP titled "A Little Something" on Outloud & Pop-A-Pill Records.[17] The band broke up again in January 2017, but got together later that year to release the album "Exist".[18]

Band members[edit]

Jay Prozac (current)
Jimmy Craig (current
Adam Taylor
Matty Prozac (current)
Jon Kane
John Novak
Rob Sarno
Dave Nocrasz
Kevin Bouvier
Matt Santos
Coliano Prozac
Justin Accident
Ralf Vermin (Drums on demos 2002)
Marty Beach
Glenn Robinson
Pete Camera
Mike Allen
Karl Ourand
Sean Chin-nuts
Andrew Strikeout
Jed Intention
Bernie Nobody
Paul Basile (current)
Nic Cross (current)
Pete Martone


Studio albums[edit]

  • Thanks For Nothing (2003)
  • Questions, Answers, And Things Never Found (2007)
  • Playing The Chords We Love (2008)
  • Exist (2017)


  • Monsters Night Out CDEP (2004)
  • Odds N' Ends 7" (2006)
  • Pieces 7" (2007)
  • A Little Something CDEP (2016)

Live albums[edit]

  • Live At CBGB (2005) Cheapskate Records

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Cleaning Out The Closet (2010)
  • Is This How It Ends? (2014)


  • Prozacs/Johnie 3 'Turntable Not Included' 7" (2005)
  • Summer Sounds CD (2005)
  • Prozacs/Johnie 3 'We Should Split CD (2006)
  • Prozacs/The Guts 'Stickin With It' 7" (2007)
  • McRackins/Prozacs 'Somebody Out There Loves Us' 7" (2009)
  • Prozacs/Super White Garlic 'Broken Smiles' CD (2010)
  • Prozacs/ No Intention 'Another Bright Idea' 7" (2011)
  • Prozacs/Kobanes 7" (2014)
  • Prozacs/Darlington 7" (2015)
  • Prozacs/Marko and the Bruisers 7" (2018)


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