The Punisher War Zone

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The Punisher War Zone
Cover to the 1992 debut issue by John Romita Jr.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format vol. 1
vol. 2
vol. 3
Publication date vol. 1
March 1992 – July 1995
vol. 2
February – March 2009
vol. 3
December 2012 – April 2013
No. of issues vol. 1
41 plus 2 Annuals
vol. 2
vol. 3
Main character(s) Punisher

The Punisher War Zone or Punisher War Zone is a comic book spin-off title featuring the Punisher, a fictional character published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

The first installment of the series ran for 41 issues[1] with two 64-page annuals. Multiple writers contributed to this series during its three-year run from 1992 to 1995.[2] The series served mainly as a vehicle for longtime Marvel artist John Romita, Jr., who had returned to Marvel after a lengthy hiatus from drawing a monthly title. In 2009, Marvel published a 6-issue limited series under the same title. The storyline was called "The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci".

Volume 1[edit]

The first series was the third different Punisher title published and the second spin-off.

Volume 2[edit]

This series was written by long-time Punisher writer Garth Ennis and drawn by long-time Punisher artist Steve Dillon. The series is a follow up to Ennis's other Marvel Knights Punisher series.

Volume 3[edit]

This series was written by Greg Rucka and is a follow up of Rucka's previous Punisher series form 2011. It was written to complete the story which Rucka did not get to do in the main title.

Collected editions[edit]

  • The Punisher: War Zone, Vol. 1 (collects The Punisher War Zone #1-6), September 2002, 978-0-7851-0923-5
  • The Punisher: Barbarian with a Gun (collects The Punisher War Zone #26-30), November 2008, 978-0-7851-3428-2
  • The Punisher: River of Blood (collects The Punisher War Zone #31-36), December 2005, 978-0-7851-1542-7
  • Punisher: War Zone - The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci (collects Punisher: War Zone vol. 2, #1-6), April 2009, 978-0-7851-3822-8 (HC), August 2009, 978-0-7851-3260-8 (TPB)
  • Punisher: Enter the War Zone (Collects Punisher: War Zone Vol. 3 #1-5), June 2013, 978-0785167426

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