The Puppet Designer

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The Puppet Designer
Author Nicholas Lens
Country Belgium
Language Yiddish
Genre Chamber Music, Contemporary Classical
Publisher Schott Music
Publication date
Media type Print Masterscore, Vocal score, Parts

The Puppet Designer (also known as Der Bashafer fun Marionetn) is a musical chamber work in Yiddish for baritone and chamber orchestra by Nicholas Lens.

The work was commissioned by the Jewish community of Belgium to commemorate the liberation of the concentration camps.[1]


The world premiere took place on April 4, 1995, at the Singel in Antwerp with the Oxalys Chamber Orchestra[2] (without conductor), featuring Henk Lauwers (baritone). The first performance with conductor took place on June 18, 1996, in Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, at the Festival "The Power of Culture: Our Creative Diversity", Unesco - United Nations,[3] with I Fiamminghi (orchestra),[4] Henk Lauwers (baritone), and Rudolf Werthen, conductor.The final published version under the new title The Puppet Designer has not yet had its premiere.[5]

Credits and notes[edit]

  • Music and lyrics: Nicholas Lens
  • Publisher: Schott Music International (2005), Mainz; New York[5]
  • Language: Yiddish
  • Title in Yiddish: Der Bashafer fun Marionetn
  • Score credits: dramma per musica in nove atti per baritono e orchestra da camera (2005), lingua: Giudaico
  • Duration: approx. 25 min.
  • Working title: Ikh bin keyn eydes nit gevezn
  • Translation lyrics in Yiddish: Dobruszkes
  • Translation lyrics in French: Ronald de Pourq
  • The work was originally commissioned for orchestra without conductor