The Puppy's Further Adventures

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The Puppy's Further Adventures
Directed by Charles A. Nichols (1982)
Rudy Larriva
John Kimball (1983)
Norm McCabe (1983)
Voices of Billy Jacoby
Nancy McKeon
Michael Bell
Peter Cullen
Narrated by Petey the Puppy (voiced by Billy Jacoby)
Composer(s) Dean Elliott
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 21
Executive producer(s) Joe Ruby and Ken Spears
Bill Hanna and Joseph Barbera (1982)
Producer(s) Joe Ruby and Ken Spears (1982)
Mark Jones (1983)
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Ruby-Spears Enterprises
Hanna-Barbera (1982)
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Original network ABC
Original release September 25, 1982 – November 10, 1984

The Puppy's Further Adventures (originally titled The Puppy's New Adventures) is a 30-minute Saturday morning animated series produced by Ruby-Spears Enterprises (in association with Hanna-Barbera for its first season only) and broadcast on ABC from September 25, 1982 to November 10, 1984. It is based on characters created by Jane Thayer about Petey, a young dog who attached himself to a lonely orphan boy named Tommy.


The Puppy was originally introduced in four half-hour television specials which aired as part of the ABC Weekend Special series from 1978 to 1981: The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy, The Puppy's Great Adventure, The Puppy's Amazing Rescue and The Puppy Saves the Circus.

The Puppy and its three sequels were frequently rebroadcast on ABC Weekend Special and proved so popular with its annual replays that ABC commissioned a television series. In 1982, Petey could be seen weekly in The Puppy's New Adventures as part of the second half of The Scooby & Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour block with Billy Jacoby voicing Petey and Nancy McKeon as his female puppy girlfriend Dolly. The following year, Petey and his pals were given their own half-hour timeslot in a follow-up series re-titled The Puppy's Further Adventures.

After the show's original run, a repackaging of The Puppy's New Adventures and The Puppy's Further Adventures were shown in reruns under the new title The Puppy's Great Adventures on ABC in 1984 and resurfaced on CBS in 1986.[1]


  • Petey (voiced by Billy Jacoby): A Beagle mix puppy who is the young leader of the group and whose loyal and loving girlfriend is Dolly.
  • Dolly (voiced by Nancy McKeon): A female Spaniel Cross puppy who is cheerful and outgoing and is also Petey's girlfriend.
  • Duke (voiced by Michael Bell): A German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix who is the lancer of the group; he cares for Petey and his other friends.
  • Dash (voiced by Michael Bell): A Greyhound who is sleek and speedy and the smartest member of the group, but can be cowardly at times; however, he can be brave if he wants to.
  • Lucky (voiced by Peter Cullen): A St. Bernard who is the big guy of the group; he is strong, kind and wise, but not too bright.


ABC Weekend Specials (1978–81)[edit]

The Puppy was originally introduced in four half-hour television specials which aired as part of the ABC Weekend Special series.

Title Air date
1 "The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy" May 6, 1978
Petey the Puppy goes through a series of harrowing adventures as he sets out to the city to adopt a boy of his own.
2 "The Puppy's Great Adventure" May 12, 1979
Petey is determined to prove he is an individual when his young owner Tommy is adopted by parents who don't like dogs.
3 "The Puppy's Amazing Rescue" January 26, 1980
Petey and Dolly become separated during a snow slide while celebrating Tommy's birthday at his parents' mountain cabin.
4 "The Puppy Saves the Circus" September 12, 1981
When Petey suffers a memory loss, he finds fame as a performer which saves the fortunes of a struggling family circus.

Season 1 – The Puppy's New Adventures (1982–83)[edit]

The Scooby & Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour title card featuring The Puppy's New Adventures (1982–83).

In the first season, Petey and Dolly's family were moving overseas by ship; their friends Duke, Dash and Lucky stowed away on the same ship. All five dogs were stranded together when a lightning bolt knocked them overboard. Every episode consisted of the dogs looking for Tommy and his family, winding up in places as diverse as East Berlin, Australia, Hong Kong, Hawaii and usually helping out a local group of people or animals.

Title Air date
1 "The Treasure of the Ancient Ruins" September 25, 1982
2 "The Puppy's Dangerous Mission" October 2, 1982
3 "The American Puppy in Paris" October 9, 1982
4 "The Puppy and the Pirates" October 16, 1982
5 "The Mystery of the Wailing Cat" October 23, 1982
6 "The Puppy's Australian Adventure" October 30, 1982
7 "The Puppy and the Reluctant Bull" November 6, 1982
8 "The Puppy's Hong Kong Adventure" November 13, 1982
9 "Honolulu Puppy" November 20, 1982
10 "The Puppy's Great Escape" November 27, 1982
11 "The Puppy's Great Race" December 4, 1982
12 "The Puppy's Amazon Adventure" December 11, 1982
13 "Petey and the 101 Seals" December 18, 1982

Season 2 –The Puppy's Further Adventures (1983–84)[edit]

The second season opened with a two-part episode in which the dogs are finally reunited with Tommy's family. The rest of the season featured the dogs' adventures with the family while travelling all around the United States. The season opener introduced Glyder, a puppy with ears so large he could fly like Dumbo. Glyder re-appeared in two other episodes.

Title Air date
14 "Glyder, The Misfit Puppy" September 10, 1983
15 "The Puppy Goes Home" September 17, 1983
16 "The Puppy and the Badlands" September 24, 1983
17 "The Puppy in Omega World" October 1, 1983
18 "The Puppy and the Spies" October 8, 1983
19 "The Puppy Goes to College" October 15, 1983
20 "The Puppy and the Brown Eyed Girl" October 22, 1983
21 "The Biggest Diamond in the World" October 29, 1983

Broadcast history[edit]

The Puppy series was originally broadcast in these following formats on ABC and CBS:

  • The Puppy's New Adventures (as part of The Scooby & Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour: September 25, 1982 – September 3, 1983, ABC)
  • The Puppy's Further Adventures (September 10, 1983 – September 1, 1984, ABC)
  • The Puppy's Great Adventures (September 8, 1984 – November 10, 1984, ABC; September 13, 1986 – November 8, 1986, CBS)


  • The Puppy's New Adventures stuffed animal toys of Petey and Dolly manufactured by Etone International (1982)
  • A series of three children's literature books by Antioch Publishing Editors (1983):
    • The Puppy's New Adventures: ABC with Petey and His Friends
    • The Puppy's New Adventures: Hide and Seek (A What's Inside? Book with Pop-Up Doors)
    • The Puppy's New Adventures: The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy [2]
  • A Milton Bradley board game titled The Puppy's Further Adventures Game for 2 to 4 players, ages 5 to 10 (1984) [3]
  • A collection of four 25-piece frame-tray puzzles of The Puppy's Further Adventures by Milton Bradley featuring Petey, Dolly, Duke, Dash, Lucky and Glyder (1984) [4]
  • The Puppy's Further Adventures 80-piece jigsaw puzzle by Hestair Puzzles in UK (1984)


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