The Pushbike Song

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"The Pushbike Song"
The Mixtures - The Pushbike Song.jpg
Single by The Mixtures
ReleasedDecember 1970
GenreBubblegum pop
LabelPolydor (UK); Fable (AUS)
Songwriter(s)Idris and Evan Jones
Producer(s)David Mackay
The Mixtures singles chronology
"In the Summertime"
"The Pushbike Song"
"Henry Ford"

"The Pushbike Song" is a song originally recorded by Australian band The Mixtures and released in 1970. The single was a chart success, reaching numbers one and two in the Australian and UK charts respectively. It has subsequently been covered by various artists.

History and chart success[edit]

Written by brothers Idris and Evan Jones, "The Pushbike Song" was released in 1970 and reached the top-spot for two weeks in the Australian charts in March 1971. It also proved popular in the UK, reaching the number two spot on 31 January (beaten by George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"), and number 31 in Canada.[1]

Chart performance[edit]


  • Toomapojad "Jalgrattal sõidan" (1970, Estonia)
  • Faraon "Šlapací kolo" (1971, Czechoslovakia)

Vinyl and CD releases[edit]

Television / other[edit]

A music video was created for the song in 1970, which depicted the band and friends riding bicycles through the streets of Melbourne. Filmed in black and white, it was notable for scenes involving a procession of bicycles (including a penny farthing) and rollerskaters on a busy six-lane Melbourne arterial road, and a scene of four members of the band 'riding' a tandem bicycle atop a car transporter travelling at speed across the King Street Bridge (Melbourne).

The song was used in a sketch by Paul Hogan in The Paul Hogan Show, which parodied the promotional film, and featured cast member and 1976 Miss World pageant runner up Karen Pini[13]

Australia's Young Talent Time also performed "The Pushbike Song" during one of their episodes in 1986.

The Australian children's show Play School recorded a version of this song for the album There's A Bear In There, sung by Philip Quast.

In 2012 "The Pushbike Song" was used on an advertising campaign for Tooheys 5 Seeds Cloudy Cider. The vocals on that version are purportedly a performance by "gypsy banjo player, Benny 'The Giant' Gogasa" recorded via Skype.[14] This is probably a spoof on the part of the advertising agency, for what appears to be a local studio recording, with no independent evidence that Benny 'The Giant' Gogasa and "his band of orphans, misfits and mildly deformed gypsy musicians" actually exists.

It was also heard in the Hotch Potch House episode Round and Round during a film about a girl getting a new bike.

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