The Pussycats (Norwegian band)

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The Pussycats
Pussycats, Grimstad 1967.jpg
Pussycats, Grimstad 1967
Background information
Origin Norway
Genres Pop
Years active 1964 - 1967

The Pussycats were a Norwegian rock band from Tromsø. Their members from 1963 to 1967 were bassist and vocalist Sverre Kjelsberg, guitarist and vocalist Trond Graff, drummer Kaare Larsen, lead guitarist Ottar Aasegg, and keyboardist and vocalist Ingemar Stjerndahl. After a few months in Norway, they went out to Stockholm and were discovered by Sten Ekroth. And the year later they recorded their first album, !!Psst !!Psst!! In 1965 they recorded their second and final album with the title !!Mrrr !Mrrr!

Last line-up[edit]



  • Psst|Psst|Psst (1964)
  • Mrrr..Mrrr....Mrrr... (1965)
  • The Pussycats Story (1982)
  • Garman (as musicians for Ole Paus) (Karusell 1972)
  • Touch Wood (Polydor, 1973)
  • Psst! Mrr… (MAI, 1981)
  • The Pussycats Story (Polydor, 1982)
  • To You (Polydor, 1991)


  • Ebb Tide (1965)
  • Gonna Send You Back To Georgia (1965)
  • Boom Boom' (1965)
  • Let Me Stay with You (1966)
  • Just a Little Teardrop (1966)
  • Why We Have to Wait (1966)
  • Smile at Me (1966)
  • The Craftsman/Song (1967)
  • A Night of Life (1967)
  • Vanja-Maria/Death Is Coming (1967)