The Pyramid. The Soviet Mafia

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The Pyramid
The Pyramid-1.jpg
First edition cover
Author Telman Gdlyan, Evgeny Dodolev
Country  Soviet Union
Language Russian
Genre Spy, Thriller, Historical novel
Publisher APS
Publication date
27 September 1990
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 260 pp (first edition, hardback)
Preceded by The Processes ISBN 5-235-00980-0
Followed by The Mafia in Times of Lawlessness ISBN 978-5-8079-0222-1

The Pyramid (1990) (Russian: Пирамида-1, Romanized: Piramida) is a thriller novel by famous Soviet special investigator, deputy of Soviet Parliament Telman Gdlyan and professional writer Evgeny Dodolev, about Soviet Mafia. The very first Soviet book about corruption.[1] The book allegedly exposed ties between Leonid Brezhnev's family, Sharof Rashidov and the Soviet Mafia. With their decidedly critical viewpoint of governmental corruption, it comes as little surprise that co-authors would eventually end up a government targets. According to Edward Topol the already printed book was banned (1989) and released a year and half later,[2][3] just one year before the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Plot summary[edit]

The Pyramid.jpg

The 260 pages of the book are divided in 27 chapters.

The first part describes the motives for the Soviet corruption.

The second part shows how Soviet Intelligence finds out about so called Uzbek Affair.

To the common Russians some names in this book became synonymous with corruption, nepotism and the Great Cotton Scandal of the late Brezhnev period.

At last few episodes from life of Brezhnev's family (Galina Brezhneva and others).

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