The Pyramid (Kadare novel)

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The Pyramid
IsmailKadare ThePyramid.jpg
US first edition cover
Author Ismail Kadare
Translator Joseph Vrioni & David Bellos
Country Albania
Language Albanian
Genre Novel, Fiction
Publisher Arcade Publishing (USA) & Harvill Press (UK)
Publication date
1 February 1996
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 224 p. (hardback edition)
ISBN 1-55970-314-8 (US hardback edition) & ISBN 1-86046-123-9 (UK hardback edition)
OCLC 32429764
891/.9913 20
LC Class PG9621.K3 P5813 1996

The Pyramid is a 1995 novel written by Ismail Kadare, considered one of the greatest works produced by this writer. It is considered to serve both literary and dissident purposes.[1]


Every sentence has two meanings – one in the novel and one that tells something about Communism. For example, the Pharaoh Cheops desires to build a pyramid so large that it will drain the prosperity out of Egypt, and an unprosperous people will not rebel.[2]


The New York Times picked up on the significance of The Pyramid:

"For the pyramid, viewed by his subjects as an abiding symbol of his total and incontestable power, comes to be seen by him as a personal memento mori, a constant and paralyzing reminder that his brief life will give way to an eternal entombment in stone."[3]

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