The Queen Is in the Factory

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The Queen Is in the Factory
Directed by Ali Kemal Güven
Produced by
  • Digital Film Academy İstanbul
Written by
  • Ali Kemal Güven
Starring Dicle Kartal
Çağrı Aslan
Şenol Demir
Fatih Günaydın
Umut Armağan
Hande Yener
Billur Kalkavan
Özgür Özberk
Music by GreySoundz Music Production
Cinematography Osmancan Yerebakan
Edited by
  • Güney Sokullu
Distributed by Digital Film Center
Country Turkey
Language Turkish

The Queen Is in the Factory (Turkish: Kraliçe Fabrika'da) is a 2008 Turkish drama film, directed by Ali Kemal Güven, which follows the lives of homosexual young living together in the underbelly of Istanbul. The film didn't get distribution for various reasons.


Yagmur (Dicle Kartal) is a young woman with very strict boundaries. She lives in Istanbul and works as a fashion editor. Yagmur doesn't accept the fact that her brother Bulut (Cagri Aslan) is gay. Bulut, wishing to be a play writer someday created himself a world in his home where he can play Andy Warhol. And he named it Factory.

Life is a struggle for these two high-class children. While Yagmur is fighting against her boyfriends (Fatih Gunaydin) marriage expectations, Bulut is trying to fall in step with his boyfriends life (Senol demir). While these two different relationships have their own battles trying to survive in some way, a death will change everything.


Role Player Character
Dicle Kartal Yağmur
Çağrı Aslan Bulut
Fatih Günaydın Kaya
Şenol Demir Kaan
Umut Armağan Efe
Hande Yener Gay icon
Diyar Gönülalçak
Lale Yörük
Mukaddes Kaya Güney
Hande Hitay
Papatya Karadede
Melike Akbaşoğlu
Seçil Kılıç
Didem Ellialtı
Zeynep Yorgancılar
Kubilay Uzun
Billur Kalkavan
Gülseren Gürtunca
Onur Baştürk
Özgür Özberk

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