The Quest for Christa T.

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The Quest for Christa T.
cover of first edition
Author Christa Wolf
Original title Nachdenken über Christa T.
Translator Christopher Middleton
Country East Germany East Germany
Language German
Genre novel
Publisher Mitteldeutschen Verlag, Halle
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
LC Class PT2685.O36 N3

The Quest for Christa T. (Nachdenken über Christa T.) is a 1968 novel by German writer Christa Wolf that follows two childhood friends from the second World War into the 1960s in East Germany. Stylistically it demonstrates a subjectivist experimentation in prose characteristic of GDR literature of the 1960s.[1] According to the 2013 exhibition "David Bowie Is," the novel is one of David Bowie's top 100 books.[2]


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