The Quiet Place

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"The Quiet Place"
Single by In Flames
from the album 'Soundtrack to Your Escape'
Released 1 March 2004
Format CD
Genre Alternative metal
Label Nuclear Blast
Writer(s) Anders Fridén, Björn Gelotte, Jesper Strömblad
In Flames singles chronology
The Quiet Place
Come Clarity

"The Quiet Place" is the first single by the Swedish heavy metal band In Flames in 2004, from the album Soundtrack to Your Escape. The single makes it their third single overall in their career. It is the most successful In Flames single yet, peaking at #2 on the Singles Chart in the band's home country. The song "Värmlandsvisan" is a cover of a Swedish folk song, Dear Old Stockholm.

Track listing[edit]

Standard single
No. Title Length
1. "The Quiet Place"  
2. "My Sweet Shadow" (Remix)  
3. "Värmlandsvisan" (Live)  
Enhanced CD
No. Title Length
1. "The Quiet Place" (Music video)  
2. "Studio recording session"  
3. "Screensaver"  
Alternate version
No. Title Length
1. "The Quiet Place" (Edit)  
2. "Borders And Shading"  
3. "Touch Of Red"  
4. "Cloud Connected" (Music video)  


The song "The Quiet Place" also featured a video, directed by Patrick Ullaeus. Featuring Ullaeus' sharp camera angles and saturated colors, the video features a story of singer Anders Fridén going to see a movie, falling asleep in the theater and, as the band members put it, "waking up in his own head".