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The Quiett
180801 부산바다축제 더콰이엇 2.jpg
The Quiett at the Busan Sea Festival, August 2018
Background information
Birth name Shin Dong-gab
Born (1985-01-29) January 29, 1985 (age 33)
Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, composer, lyricist, record producer
Years active 2003–present

Soul Company (2004–2010)

Illionaire Records (2011–present)
Associated acts Dok2, Crucial Star, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae, Minos, Beenzino, Jay Park, Swings, Paloalto

Shin Dong-gab (Hangul: 신동갑; born January 29, 1985), better known by his stage name The Quiett (Hangul: 더콰이엇), is a South Korean rapper, composer, lyricist and record producer. He co-founded hip hop record label Soul Company in 2004 and left in 2010. He is currently under hip hop label Illionaire Records, which he co-founded with rapper Dok2 in 2011.[1][2]


2004–2010: Soul Company and indie popularity[edit]

In 2004, The Quiett co-founded indie Korean hip hop record label and talent agency, Soul Company, alongside rappers Kebee, Jerry. K, and several other artists.[3] He released his first album, Music, the following year.[4] In 2006, he released a solo album, Q Train, and a collaboration with rapper Paloalto called Supremacy.[5] His 2010 album, The Real Me, went gold, selling 7,000 copies and solidifying his reputation as one of the most popular indie rappers in Korea.[1]

The Quiett left Soul Company in 2010 to start a new label.[1][6]

2011–present: Illionaire Records and Show Me the Money[edit]

The Quiett in 2017

The Quiett and rapper Dok2 founded Illionaire Records on January 1, 2011. Rapper Beenzino joined the label later that year.[1]

The Quiett appeared on the third season of the TV rap competition Show Me the Money in 2014. He and Dok2 were the producers behind winning contestant Bobby of the group IKON. The Quiett and Dok2 also reappeared in the show's fifth season in 2016 as producers again.[7]



Title Album information Track listing
Music Released: July 28, 2005

Label: 브라우니 엔터테인먼트

Track listing
  1. The Beginning (Intro)
  2. Introduction
  3. Declare
  4. 커다란 실수 (Feat. 화나)
  5. 상자 속 젊음 (Feat. Paloalto)
  6. 위대한 순간
  7. Take the Q TRain
  8. 즉흥곡 (Feat. Jerry,K)
  9. 악몽
  10. Be Quiet (Feat. Kebee)
  11. Get Down
  12. 소중한 만남
  13. 더 나은 내일을 위한
  14. 닿을 수 있다면 (Bonus Track)
Q Train Released: February 7, 2006

Label: 브라우니 엔터테인먼트

Track listing
  1. Go
  2. The Streets (Feat. Dj Silent)
  3. 그 남자 그 여자 (Feat. Junggigo Aka Cubic)
  4. 대면
  5. Dolphin Dance
  6. Interlude (Feat. Mad Clown)
  7. Martial Beat Arts (Feat. Dj Silent)
  8. 뭐 (Feat. Notorious Kid, Friz & Pumkin Of Unknowndjs)
  9. Music
  10. Take The Q Train Remix (Feat. P-Type)
  11. City Cats
  12. 뒤척임 (Feat. 이병호)
  13. Sunshine Luv
  14. 다음에 만나요

(with Paloalto)

Released: July 24, 2006

Label: 브라우니 엔터테인먼트

Track listing
  1. Supremacy
  2. 수수께끼
  3. 내일은 오니까
  4. Love Evolution
  5. 웃어넘겨 (feat. IF)
  6. 지켜볼게 (feat. Dok2 & E-Sens)
  7. 보여줘,
  8. 날으는 새처럼
  9. We Are
  10. Cold World (feat. 강태우 aka Soulman)
  11. Life Goes On (feat. Tiger JK & Tasha Reid)
  12. Imagine That
  13. 고해 (feat. Koonta)
  14. 못다한 말
The Real Me Released: December 18, 2007

Label: Mirrorball Music

Track listing
  1. More Introduction
  2. The Listening
  3. Punchlines
  4. 뛰어가 (feat. Tiger Jk, Jinbo)
  5. 한번뿐인 인생
  6. 매일 밤 03
  7. Keep Right (feat. loptimist)
  8. Give It To H.E.R. (feat. Leo Kekoa, Dok2, Simon Dominic)
  9. Shine Your Light (feat. Verbal Jint)
  10. 꽉 잡아 (feat. Jinbo)
  11. 진흙 속에서 피는 꽃 (feat. MC Meta,Kebee)
  12. 절대로 잊지 않아
  13. Love People, Love Music (feat. T)
Quiet Storm: A Night Record Released: March 11, 2010

Label: Mirrorball Music

Track listing
  1. Welcome To The Show
  2. Never Q.U.I.T.T.
  3. Be My Luv
  4. Stars (Feat. Verbal Jint & Swings)
  5. Lonely One
  6. Q's Way (Feat. 샛별)
  7. Game Theory
  8. Airplane Music (Feat. Basick, Rimi, Beenzino, Fana & San E)
  9. 시간이 왔나봐 (Feat. Dead'P)
  10. Old Records
  11. Love/Hate (Feat. Jinbo)
  12. Shine 'Em
  13. Be My Luv Remix (Feat. B-Free, 'NUCK'넋업샨, Paloalto & Junggigo)
1 Life 2 Live Released: October 15, 2015

Label: Illionaire Records

Track listing
  1. Bentley
  2. All About
  3. 1 Life 2 Live
  4. World Famous (Feat. Dok2, Jinbo)
  5. Your World
  6. 할렐루야 (Feat. Beenzino)
  7. 과연 누가
  8. Body 2 Body
  9. Montana
  10. My Life (Feat. Dok2, Beenzino)
  11. Lifetime
  12. Be About It (Feat. Babylon)
  13. Illionaire Way 2
Q Train 2 Released: April 29, 2016

Label: Illionaire Records

Track listing
  1. Slam Dunk
  2. Beat King
  3. Soul City
  4. Dope (Feat. Okasian, Justhis)
  5. Paper Chasers (Feat. DJ Wegun)
  6. Ride to Atlantis
  7. Martial Beat Arts 2
  8. Cool
  9. I just (Feat. Notorious Kid)
  10. Very Special
  11. Love Letter
  12. Life of the Party
  13. Last Train
  14. Champion
Millionaire Poetry Released: May 18, 2017

Label: Illionaire Records


Title Album information Track listing
Stormy Friday Released: November 29, 2011

Label: Illionaire Records

Track listing
  1. T.G.I.F
  2. Came From The Bottom
  3. The Real Me
  4. Mr. Lonely Part 1 (ft. Jay Park)
  5. 우리들만 아는 얘기 (The Story Between You and Me)
  6. 귀로 (feat. Jerry k & 화나)
  7. Stormy Friday
AMBITIQN Released: February 22, 2013

Label: Illionaire Records

Track listing
  2. The Greatest
  3. A Long Way
  4. Tomorrow
  5. Livin' In The Dream
  6. Get Dough (feat. Beenzino
  7. Gettin' Rich (feat. Jay Park & Dok2)
  8. 2 Chainz & Rollies (feat. Dok2)
  9. 1LLIONAIRE So Ambitious (feat. Dok2 & Beenzino)
  10. Hotter Than The Summer
  11. Beautiful Life


Title Album information Track listing
Back On The Beats Vol.1 Released: April 16, 2008

Label: 브라우니 엔터테인먼트

Track listing
  1. Sky's The Limit (Feat. Dok2)
  2. 또다른 아침
  3. 성장통 (Feat. Absotyle & E-Sens of Supreme Team)
  4. 선택받은 자 Remix (Feat. Swings & Mad Clown)
  5. 그 후 몇년
  6. Young Poets Revisit (Feat. Paloalto)
  7. 그것은 힙합 혹은 발라드
  8. 뭥미 (Feat. Loquence & DJ Wegun)
  9. Killin' You (Feat. Planet Black)
  10. Vida Loca Interlude
  11. Love Vibration
  12. People Love Yesterday
  13. Brokenhearted 16 Bars
  14. 영장을 받아들 (Feat. Kebee)
  15. How We Started (Feat. Basick)
  16. 한번뿐인 행복
  17. U Turn (Feat. Verbal Jint)
  18. We Say (Feat. 칼날)
  19. Quiett Heaven에도 그림자가 진다
  20. 보물찾기 Revisit (Feat. Vicky Flint)
  21. Still My Flow (Feat. Deepflow, Dead'P & Lanya)
Rapsolute Mixtape Vol. 1

(with Dok2)

Released: 2010
Track listing
  1. Rapsolute Magic
  2. TFY
  3. Diss Diss
  4. 3단계 (Feat. Swings)
  5. iPhone Girl (Feat. Crucial Star)(Prod. by G-Slow)
  6. Baby Let’s Go (Feat. B-Free & Rado)
  7. Mr. Independent
  8. forthelife (Feat. Paloalto)
  9. Shorty You Should Know Better
  10. It’s Q (Prod. by Dok2)
  11. Tell Me If You Hear Me (화나 \ FANA of Soul Company)
  12. Gone Home
  13. Girl Girl Remix (Prod. by G-Slow)
  14. 7
  15. I’m Livin’ (Shit Ain’t Over)
Back On the Beats Vol.2 Released: June 10, 2011

Label: Illionaire Records

Track listing
  1. Did It Again (Feat. 도끼, 디제이 웨건)
  2. 다만 Quiett Stormm
  3. A Master Shit(Feat. 화나, 디제이 웨건)
  4. Welcome To The Show Remix(Feat. 도끼, 빈지노)
  5. 덕화의 간지
  6. 매일 밤 3.5(Feat. 도끼, 팔로알토,버벌진트)
  7. Drivin`(Feat. 팔로알토)
  8. No More Cry(Feat. 비프리, 제리케이, 정기고)
  9. Feel My Fyre
  10. Grindin'
  11. 속닥속담(Feat. 화나)
  12. Give It To `Em(Feat. 도끼, 빈지노)
  13. Friends
  14. Still Shinin`(Feat. 자이언티)
  15. The Inspiration Remix(Feat. 크루셜 스타)

Charted songs[edit]

Title Year Peak chart
Sales (DL) Album
"Air DoTheQ" (공중도덕)
with Superbee, myunDo, Flowsik, Dok2
2016 5 Show Me the Money 5
"Rapstar (Remix)"
with Flowsik, Dok2
"Air DoTheQ Part 2" (공중도덕 Part 2)
with Dok2, Superbee
As featured artist
"L4L (Lookin' for Luv)"
Bobby feat. Dok2, The Quiett
2014 7 Show Me the Money 3
Vasco feat. The Quiett, Dok2, Genius Nochang
68 Non-album single
"Am I" (내가)
Dok2 feat. Beenzino, The Quiett
2015 40 Multillionaire
"Entirely" (싹)
Yubin feat. The Quiett
67 Unpretty Rapstar 2
"Say Yes or No" (말해 Yes Or No)
Zico feat. Penomeco, The Quiett
3 Non-album single
Jay Park feat. Dok2, The Quiett
"Rock the World"
XIA feat. The Quiett, Automatic
"Beverly 1lls (Remix)"
Dok2 feat. The Quiett
31 Non-album single
"Ambition and Vision"
Beenzino feat. Changmo, Kim Hyo-eun, Hash Swan, The Quiett
2017 94 Reborn
"Inkigayo" (인기가요)
Changmo feat. Dok2, The Quiett
82 Gettin Money Moment
"Air DoTheQ Part 3" (공중도덕 Part 3)
Superbee feat. Dok2 myunDo, Kim Hyo-eun, The Quiett
88 Non-album single


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