The Rabble

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The Rabble
Origin New Zealand
Genres Punk rock
Hardcore Punk
Years active 2001–present
Labels Filthy Lucre
Associated acts The Unseen
Website The Rabble Myspace
Members Chazz Hill-Hayr
Rupert Hill-Hayr
Jamie Douglass
Past members Sam Hume
Gavin James
Miles McComish
Rowan Crowe

The Rabble are a punk band from Auckland, New Zealand, with a street punk aesthetic that formed by Brothers Charles Hill-Hayr (chazz rabble) and Rupert Hill-Hayr in the NZ summer of 2000/2001 while still attending Orewa College. Their official myspace page went live on 29 February 2004. They collaborated with Mark Unseen of Boston band The Unseen to create the song and video for "This World is Dead" from their album The Battle's Almost Over. The Rabble went on tour in the UK and Europe from August 2009 to January 2010[citation needed] as well as writing and recording for their next album. They recorded at York Street studios in Auckland early in 2008[citation needed], and the bass and guitars were tracked at Number 8 wire Recording studio, by Chazz Rabble.[citation needed]. In April 2010, they were in line-up at Punk & Disorderly Festival in Berlin. On 1 August 2011, The Rabble released an album that was long-awaited by anxious fans titled, "Life's A Journey". They were the second band to be announced for Rebellion Festival 2013 along with California punk band Left Alone after their successful show at Rebellion in 2009. They were joined by controversial act, The Casualties and Scottish punk act, The Exploited. In the Early demos they had more of a punk-core records street punk as opposed to the recent pop rock sound they adopted. the Lyrics were sometimes in English and some times in Malay due to the original vocalist's (Ben) mother tongue of Malaysian. They also played along an Auckland-based Thai street punk band known as chaos city who at one point played for the Rabble and Auckland city Legends missing Teeth and the Rudies and made their name in the under ground Necropolis venue on the outskirts of the Auckland CBD. They have mixed reactions and reviews in the New Zealand punk scene, some love them and others hate them, having been criticized for being 'sell outs' by 'puritanical' 'punk's it could be argued that they never 'bought in' in the first place and used the underground as a stepping stone. Inactive for a few years, chazz rabble and rupe rabble both have solo projects.[1]


  • Chazz Rabble (Chazz Hill-Hayr) – vocals,guitar
  • Rupe Rabble (Rupert Hill-Hayr) – vocals,drums
  • Jamie Rabble (Jamie Douglass) – bass,vocals


Studio Albums[2][edit]


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