The Radio Tycoon

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The Radio Tycoon
Starring Chow Yun-fat, Angie Chiu, Michael Miu
Opening theme "You're the One Who Decides to Love" (愛定你一個) by Jenny Tseng
Composer(s) Joseph Koo
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 30
Running time 45 minutes (30 episodes)
Original channel TVB
First shown in 1983
Original release January 3, 1983[1] – February 11, 1983

The Radio Tycoon (播音人) is a TVB television series, premiered in Hong Kong in 1983.


The theme song "You're the One Who Decides to Love" (愛定你一個) was composed and arranged by Joseph Koo. The lyricist was Wong Jim. The song was performed by popular Macau singer of the time Jenny Tseng.[2]


Wai Yip-coeng (Chow Yun-fat) returned from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong as a lawyer. Instead of pursuing the law profession like his family wants, he got a job as a radio DJ at a local HK radio station. Lui Hei (Michael Miu), the young and inexperienced young friend of Wai tries to get a job at the station. He soon falls in love with Au Joek-zi (Angie Chiu) who seems to be only paying attention to Wai. He now wants a job more than ever at the station, but many guys were also interested in her. The story revolves around the rather gossipy late-1970s radio station life and work. The story also feature a few sub plots.


Cast Role Description
Chow Yun-fat Wai Yip-coeng (韋業昌)
Angie Chiu Au Joek-zi (歐若芷)
Michael Miu Lui hei (呂熙)
Kwan Hoi-san Jan Yu-hin (甄汝軒)
Stanley Fung Jan Ga-ying (甄家英)
Kenneth Tsang
Chong Man-cing (莊文清)

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