The Radios

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The Radios
Origin Belgium
Genres Pop
Years active late 1980s–1994
Past members Bart Peeters
Ronny Mosuse
Robert Mosuse
Dany Lademacher
Alain Van Zeveren
Marc Bonne

The Radios was a Belgian pop band that was founded at the end of the 1980s by singer/songwriter Bart Peeters.

The group scored their greatest hit with "She Goes Nana" in 1992, a song that topped the Belgian hit parade (Ultratop) for 6 weeks.[1] Other hits were "Teardrops", "I'm into folk", "Walking The Thin Line", "She's My Lover" and "Dreaming Wild". The group split in 1994.


Guest musicians[edit]


No Television (1990)[edit]

  1. Gimme Love
  2. The One
  3. Stars of Heaven
  4. She Talks to the Rain
  5. Tears in the Morning
  6. Lucky Day
  7. Radio
  8. Swimming in the pool
  9. I'm into Folk
  10. Lay Down
  11. 26 Guitars of Love
  12. Blue Roses

The Sound of Music (1992)[edit]

  1. Think of You
  2. Because She Said So
  3. She Goes Nana
  4. Dreaming Wild
  5. Walking The Thin Line
  6. Oh No!
  7. Sleeples Nights
  8. She's My Lover (She's My Friend)
  9. Devil in My Cheekbone
  10. S.O.S. To An Angel
  11. Bang Bang
  12. In The Nighttime

Live (1993)[edit]

  1. Pop Stands Up
  2. Lucky Day
  3. Oh No!
  4. Walking The Thin Line
  5. Devil in My Cheekbone
  6. Sleepless Nights
  7. Gimme Love
  8. Swimming in the Pool (incl. On My Radio)
  9. Back To Boystown
  10. She's My Lover (She's My Friend)
  11. Dreaming Wild
  12. Does Your Mother Know
  13. She Goes Nana
  14. I Wish
  15. I'm into Folk
  16. Non, Non, Rien N'a Changé
  17. S.O.S. To An Angel (The Forbidden Word Version) (Bonus-record on special edition)

Baby Yes! (1994)[edit]

  1. I wanna hold your hand
  2. If the sun
  3. Move it right now
  4. Mystery mountains
  5. Baby yes!
  6. Teardrops
  7. Sad world
  8. Miracle man
  9. The fiddler
  10. Cinderella sometimes
  11. Wild planet
  12. Sweet kisses

The Best Of (1997)[edit]

  1. She goes nana
  2. Gimme love
  3. I'm into folk
  4. Swimming in the pool
  5. Lucky day (live)
  6. Non,non,rien n'a change (live)
  7. Tears in the morning
  8. Dreaming wild
  9. SOS to an angel
  10. Walking the thin line
  11. Oh no (live)
  12. Teardrops
  13. Cinderella sometimes
  14. Move it right now
  15. Because she said so
  16. Devil in my cheekbone
  17. If the sun
  18. She's my lover (she's my friend) (live)


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