The Ran-Dells

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The Ran-Dells were an American musical ensemble from Villas, New Jersey. In 1963 their song "Martian Hop" peaked at #27 on the US Billboard black singles chart, and at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100. Despite releasing two follow-ups, lack of further chart entries made them one-hit wonders.


  • Robert Rappaport
  • Steven Rappaport
  • John Spirt

The trio were signed to Don Kirshner's (The Midnight Special TV show) fledgling Chairman record label. They were all first cousins. John Spirt died in 2003, and Steven Rappaport died on July 4, 2007 in Maui, Hawaii, of a heart attack.

Spirt enjoyed later success as drummer with an RCA recording act, the Sidekicks, and also with the Red Coats, who were signed to the Laurie label.

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