The Ratties

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The Ratties
Created by
  • Laura Milligan
  • Mike Wallis[1]
Written by
  • Laura Milligan
  • Mike Wallis[2]
Directed by Mike Wallis[2]
Narrated by Spike Milligan
Theme music composer James Harpen
Composer(s) James Harpen[2]
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Mike Wallis[2]
Camera setup Single-camera
Production company(s)
  • Ratties, Ltd.
  • F-Productions[1]
Original network Independent Television
Picture format PAL (576i)
Original release 1987[3]

The Ratties is a British animated series series about a family of six rats who live in the wall of a country house. The rats try to emulate the human family who own the house.

The idea for The Ratties was conceived by Laura Milligan, daughter of comedian Spike Milligan.[1] Laura Milligan and Mike Wallis developed the idea into a series of animated shorts; Wallis served as director and producer, and Spike Milligan narrated the series.

Independent Television aired 26 episodes in 1987; each episode is under five minutes in length. The series was repeated in 1993 and 1994.[by whom?]


The eldest rats in the Ratty family are Uncle Matty and Aunt Hatty (the matron of the family who does all the housework). Tatty is an ambitious rat of the younger generation. The Fatty Brothers are playful and mischievous identical twins. Baby Batty is a child genius.

The Ratties share their home with Spatty, a spider who sometimes gets involved in the Ratties' adventures.


# Title Air Date
1 "The Budgie" 1987 (1987)
We are introduced to the Ratties and their energetic household. Tatty dresses as a budgerigar, and is adopted by an unsuspecting old woman.
2 "Polo Time" 1987 (1987)
3 "Rattiecadabra" 1987 (1987)
4 "Circus Time" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties put together a circus act.
5 "Glamour Time" 1987 (1987)
Aunt Hatty is unhappy with her appearance. The Ratties bring her to the humans' bathroom to get some make-up.
6 "Gardening Time" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties go outside to do some gardening and other various chores.
7 "Medical Time" 1987 (1987)
8 "Way Out West" 1987 (1987)
9 "Sports Time" 1987 (1987)
10 "Picnic Time" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties go out for a picnic.
11 "Spring Cleaning Time" 1987 (1987)
After playtime, the Ratties start cleaning up—and cause some chaos in the process.
12 "Sailing Time" 1987 (1987)
After taking a bath, the Ratties set sail on an inflatable duck ship, and get involved in a yacht race.
13 "Tattys Day" 1987 (1987)
14 "The Great Escape" 1987 (1987)
15 "The Fatty Sisters" 1987 (1987)
The Fatty Sisters pay a visit to the Ratties.
16 "Ballet Time" 1987 (1987)
17 "Spooky Time" 1987 (1987)
18 "Holiday Time" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties visit the seaside.
19 "Jumping Beans" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties eat a plateful of beans that make them jumpy.
20 "Arty Time" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties try some painting and sculpting.
21 "Raving Time" 1987 (1987)
Aunt Hatty has a hard time waking her family from a self-hypnosis sleep.
22 "Cowboy Time" 1987 (1987)
Inspired by their favourite TV show, the Ratties act out a wild western theme.
23 "Aerobics Time" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties have a go at fitness and exercise.
24 "Cooking Time" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties make Uncle Matty a birthday cake.
25 "Camping Time" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties go camping, and find different ways to amuse themselves.
26 "Hawaii Time" 1987 (1987)
The Ratties fly to Hawaii for their holiday.


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